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Mission of Life



i never think about my mission of life before this.

just go things with the flow.

and i realize recently, that it is totally wrong.

you should make a mission for your life to make your life interesting and not get lost.

it’s not that i’m not lost now, i still search.

but as day goes by, i realized few things that i would like to do in this life, in my life.

few of them might sound selfish and irrational, but still, it would be nice if i can achieve it before i leave 😀

and who knows, one of my kind reader(s) would generously help me to achieve some kekeke~


so, here they are:

1. actively became a volunteer

2. visit Derawan

3. visit Switzerland

4. visit Norway

5. have an awesome business

6. taking my parents abroad

7. going back to Korea again

8. trying to live in another country by myself

9. traveling for one year alone

10. learn how to diving and surfing

11. travel in a campervan LoL

12. visit New Zealand


what’s yours? 🙂


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