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basic hangeul

i made this page just for fun kkk~

since it’s hallyu wave and i also still newbie and learning korean by myself, so i think this page will make things easy 😀

here are some basic knowledge about hangeul *please let me know, if there’s something wrong x)

[1] There are 14 basic consonants and 8 basic vowels in Korean

[2] 14basic consonants : ㄱ(g/k); ㄴ(n); ㅁ(m); ㄷ(d/t); ㅇ(-/ng); ㅅ(s); ㅂ(b/p); ㅈ(j/ch); ㄹ(r/l); ㅎ (h); ㅋ(k’); ㅌ(t’); ㅊ(ch’); ㅍ(p’)

Double consonants: ㄲ(kk); ㄸ(tt); ㅉ(tch); ㅆ(ss); ㅃ(pp)

[3] 8basic vowels : ㅏ(a); ㅣ(i); ㅜ(u); ㅔ(e); ㅓ(o); ㅗ(o); ㅡ(u); ㅐ(ae)

Complex vowels: ㅛ(yo); ㅕ(yo); ㅑ(ya); ㅠ(yu); ㅐ(yae); ㅔ(ye)

and here are some informations if you wanna try to type hangeul from keyboard 🙂

source: http://www.branah.com

i will try to post some korean words on my blog regularly so we can learn together^^~

learning together is more fun, right? 😀


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