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[Random Thought] When You Belong to Nowhere

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today i attend a workshop event. actually it’s for the travel blogger community, but i bravely ask and got the invitation ^^

but it’s not about the workshop that i will wrote on this post. i will wrote about it on another one.


it was the first time i ever attend a workshop. alone. and not even knowing anyone, or ever really mastered it.

okay, the workshop was discuss about how to be a smart traveler.

and i’m not even a really traveler. or even a blogger.

so, yeah, there i was. in the middle of new people and didn’t know anyone.

but it’s kind of excited to be in the new environment.

i love to travel. okay, i am a newbie in traveling.

and i doesn’t even call all of my trip, traveling. it’s more to holiday.

but i started to fall in love with it and i do want to explore and traveling more.

not just like my past holiday trip, but really really travel.


as i was alone, and we had to make a group for a little project there, we started to make a little conversation.

and basic question, where are you coming from. and it refer to blogger or media.

and me, confused how to answer. i am not both of it. lol


on that workshop, most of them were a real travel blogger or media.

they’ve been anywhere. Indonesia or another country. real backpacker. and i’m nowhere.

i feel so small. and lost. really really lost.


it’s not about anywhere that i’ve been.

it’s about community.

on that workshop, i saw a lot of people who really have passion on traveling.

i saw people who really have something to be part of their life.

something to do, something that they loved.

they really work on it.


me? i’m nowhere.

i like to write, but i’m not that diligent and having a great idea to wrote. so i’m not a blogger.

i like technology, but i’m not learn about it that well. so i do not know that much.

i like traveling, but i don’t have that much time and money. so i’m not a traveler.

i like things but i know just little.

and i know that i am totally lost.


you know, i think people should just focus on one thing, not just know and learn any basic things.

you may know a lot of basic things, but it’s still the basic.

if you have passion, it’s the key of happiness on your life.

you can meet a lot of people that have the same passion with you and having a great conversation with them.

i’m not saying that basic is not good. it’s still good to have any basic knowledge of anything.

but it will be more than good to having a special one.


i wish i can belong to somewhere that i’ll be good at 🙂

happy searching, people! ^^


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

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