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If you haven’t watch the final season and doesn’t like spoiler, you better stop to read this now.

I’m gonna throw all my opinion on this post for the series.


yes, finally the legend-wait for it-dary TV Series has come to an end, with 9 season.

disappointed? kind of.

after all the season, Ted was back with Robin??! what the ….

seriously, their chemistry were already over. Robin should be end up with Barney. they had their chemistry.

and why on earth, they should get divorced? just like that. on few minutes story, they were divorced. geez!

you spend whole 22 episodes on season 9 just to told about their wedding and *boomb* end up with divorce??!


Ted and Tracy were great couple. they were match with each other soooo bad.

why should the mother died…

after all long season, the mother only show up for few episodes and died.

i can not hide my disappointment here 😦


but then, when the kids said “that’s it? just like that? you are not telling the whole stories to tell about how you met mom.

you tell this whole story just to tell us how much you fall for aunt Robin and ask for our permission”

i agree with that too.

but dear producer team, seriously, you should make a great story line to goes with that ending.

not just force it like hell.


i actually kind of sad to watch the final season.

i love this tv series and i followed it from season1, where the story, jokes and script were still great.

i love all the wisdom from this movies, seriously.

where Ted told Robin that he was not stop believe in love, but it just getting less.

where Robin tried to explain why she could not join with the gank again after the divorced.

where Lily and Marshall were having a fight and Lily always end up right.

when Barney were being such a jerk but he’s funny too.

all of them will be missed, for real.



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