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Summer 2013, I took an adventure trip to Thailand with my friend.
It’s really an adventure one for us, since both of us have never been to Thailand before and we don’t understand Thai language at all (except Sawasdeekap and Kabunkap ^^;)
Plus we arranged all the destination by our self and just depends on what Google has found for us.

We arranged this trip for around 4 months and we were really excited ^^
Decided to spend 8D 7N at Thailand.
Arrived at Bangkok, then went to Krabi by bus.
Spent 3D 2N there and then go back to BKK.

It is really beautiful! Krabi is such a nice place with it beautiful beach and islands.
Before we got there, we were really worried about everything since it took 12 hours from BKK to Krabi by bus. How to find a local tour, our own hotel (we already booked before), etc.
But since this city is a tourism city, I can say that everything was easy for us.
If you are a first timer just like me, don’t be worry. You will find that everything is easy here.

We just spent 3D 2N here, so we only took 2 one-day-tour package: 4 Islands and Hong Islands.
4 Islands Tour is the cheapest one among all the package tour. So, many people will took this package.
And Hong Island is the second cheapest one, so I also took this package.
All of the islands are beautiful. The water is so blue, and the sand is white.

What I love from 4 Islands was the separated sea. You can walk from one island to another, across the sea. And the water is really blue.
You can even swim of you want to.
And Hong Island. I do really falling in love with Hong Islands. It is such a beauty beach and feel so private for us.
There were still so many tour package beside that two.
James Bond Island, Phi-Phi Island, Bamboo Island. I do really want to visit the others too when I have chance to go back there.
I can say that Krabi is a highly recommendation place to spend summer.

Here are some photos that I took and no filter at all.

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4D 3N were not enough to explore this city.
There are still a lot of places that I had not visit.
And the shopping time (and money as well), it’s not enough 😦
Places that I visited were Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Holy Church, Khao San Road, China Town, Market near Chao Phraya River, Siam Park City, MBK, Siam Paragon, Dinner Cruise Princess, Chatucak Market, Platinum.

Siam Park City is an amusement park, the ride is so fun, but I didn’t have more time there.
Since I book the package tour which include pick up from/to Hotel, so the time to play was so limited.
But if I have to choose again between amusement park and shopping, I would like to choose shopping XD

Dinner Cruise Princess was a new thing for me. This was recommended by my other friends who had been to Thailand.
The view was great. A night city with lamp, around Chao Phraya River. I can say that this is romantic enough if the people wasn’t so crowded.
PS: I recommend you to book it online since it’s more cheaper, and include around trip too. you can book it on hotels2thailand.com

And shopping time! Chatucak Market have a cheapest price. But I think this place were only good to buy a gift for your friends, since you can buy it in wholesale.
But if you prefer to shop for yourself and have a good quality, better to go directly to Platinum Market ^^

Ahh, don’t forget the hostel.
I live at Lub d Siam Square Hostel. It is a cool hostel, the price might be little bit expensive compared to other hostel, but it is worth to try.
It has a great environment, cleanliness, easy access to anywhere, and nice staff.
I love their hospitality and design. And they always having something to share free everyday.
The studio room is also cool!
If you are a backpacker, you might want to try this hostel ^^

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I would love to go back there again, especially to Krabi ^^


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time in Thailand. Krabi is a great place to start your trip because of its central location. This place offers easy access to the hundreds of islands in Thailand. Thanks for sharing your story as well as the lovely photos.

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