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forgive me for not being a good Inspirit and just post this review now, after over a month they released the album T_T
but it’s not that i hear their new album just now.
i already hear it a lot of time and i love it!


1. Intro
2. Man in Love
3. 이보다 좋을순 없다 (Can’t be better than this)
4. 그리움이 닿는 곳에
5. Beautiful (Sungkyu ft Woohyun)
6. 60초 (INFINITE ver.)
7. 불편한 진실

this album are really match INFINITE’s image. like all of the songs are really made for INFINITE only.
the cheerful, hip hop, and lovely music are always suits them well.
SungKyu and Woohyun voice are really great as always.
such a powerful voice ❤
WooHyun also composed a song and lyric titled Beautiful on this album. i love this song.
it’s light to hear, lovely music.
he said that he made this songs for Inspirit. no doubt for his fan service level.
he is the king of fan service lol
and 60 seconds of INFINITE version. it has a rap part. and a little changing for the lyrics.
they said that this song was at first made to be sang by INFINITE.
but i love both version.
Hoya and Dongwoo still have their rap and song too.
while L, SungJong, SeungYeol still have their cute little part but as always, they also have their charming ^^

my favorite songs from this album are Man In Love, Still I Miss You and Beautiful! ❤
so, if you really looking for a lovely and cheerful songs, you should hear this album.

the comeback MV – Man In Love!
i love this song from the first time!!
the cute lyric, music, MV, flower, cheerful, colorful, dance and power.
every time i hear the intro, i really want to dance and can really imagined their expression when they dance
they really deserve to be number one on every chart of music


and as a new Inspirit, i will always support INFINITE!! fighting~~^^


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

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