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6 May 2013 – the day for 2PM’s comeback, the day for Grown Album to be released, yeay!

11 May 2013 – the day for 2PM’s Return Show and the release date of their 1st track song, A Day Thinking Of You

finally those day has come. lol
after 2 years hiatus and teaser after teaser, 2PM has finally back!
actually, i don’t really they were hiatus that long. since they still have solo activities which were published to fans and Japanese activities.
and their concert!! lucky me, i watched their “What Time Is It” concert in Indonesia kekeke~


okay, back to the album review. first of all, this is a biased review but you can also hear it and tell your thought freely ^^
this album really show that 2PM are really Grown up to be men idols.
the music are totally different from their previous music and also from other kpop idol music.
what can i say. a lovely R&B, soul and pop music. sort of like that.
it’s not just like another kpop album. i feel that this album also have a western style. but still have a kpop touch too. maybe that’s why JYPE put a international level for this comeback^^
the music is so sexy, soothing, powerful and full of soul.
it also shows a lot of development about their music, voice and talent.


Jun. K and JunHo are taking part for this album.
Game Over and Suddenly are written and composed by Jun. K
Back to Square One, Go Back and Love Song are written and composed by JunHo
the two lovely main vocal are really that great. they are not only having such a great voice but also big talent and passion for music.
it’s not the first time for them to composed a song. but they are really showing such a great progress.
Taecyeon also taking a lot of part for this album. 6 out of 12 songs, the rap part was composed by TY. All Day Thinking Of You, Comeback When You Hear This Song, I’m Sorry, Just For Today, Go Back and Coming Back.
and ChanSung also took part. he wrote the lyric for Coming Back.
Khunnie are also develop his performance. his singing skills are better than before. his high note on “A Day Thinking Of You” are really awesome.
Wooyoung. speechless with his sexy voice. his voice already good before but on this album he is really something! especially on the song Comeback When You Hear This Song ❤


A Day Thinking Of You & Comeback When You Hear This Song

this are the song that produced by JYP and mark their mega comeback.

CWYHTS’s MV was released first, followed by ADTOY.
both songs are awesome. but i prefer CWYHTS. i love the song and music, it’s more catchy.
the dancing too are cool and great. the MV is genius, it has a seven sins concept. watch it several times to found those seven sins.
and like what they said, for those fans who were leaving, you should comeback when you hear this song. lol x)

ADTOY! this MV really shows how 2PM are already a grown up men.
the dance, the concept and the music. all are too sexy and hot.
Wooyoung half naked, Jun. K holding hand with the model, KhunTaecChanHo all are hugging with the model too TT___TT
a heartbreak MV but also have a powerful performance.
what should i say…


over all, i love this album!! i still love their voice, performance, songs, talents and other things from them ^o^
my favorite songs are CWYHTS, Back To Square One, Game Over, Go Back, Suddenly. this songs already attract me when i first hear.

and last but not least! let’s show our support for 2PM!
let’s hope that this album will really make such a great hit on the music industry all over the world kekeke~

2PM don’t stop can’t stop, fighting!!! 😉

anw, you can see how much they have grown up from before kekeke


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