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it’s been a while since my last kdrama review, isn’t it? kekeke~
i watched some kdrama, but not all.
and now, i found a good drama again to be watched and finally, got a topic to write again lol

Cheongdamdong Alice.
This drama is good. First of all, yes, i watched it because of the casts.
Moon Geon Yong and Park Shi Hoo *kyaaa, finally got to see Shi Hoo oppa again lol
MGY is cute here, and Shi Hoo oppa is cute too~
his acting like a child and it was different from his roles before

but then the plot is interesting too.
about a designer.
well, i’m not that fond of fashion or branded stuff. but it’s always interesting to see it.
and the scene is taking around Cheongdam area.
they said that it is an elite area in Seoul, so that’s how i’m interested with this drama^^

watching 4 eps until now, and i must said this drama is good!
they got it all. the comedy and the drama. and the message how to get rich people too? *joke lol
it’s about a poor girl who wants to change her life.
she used to believe in love until she break up with her boyfriend because of money.
and a man who used to think that love doesn’t exist.
but then he cried because of a girl.
sadly, when the girl used to stop believe in love, the man started to think that love does exist.
that’s what i get so far.
let’s see how the story will go after this, but i think this drama is good.
a good drama with a good story and cast to close this year :p

and MGY is so great when she speaks French ❤
PSH also cute when he acting like a fool. all his scenes makes me laugh and falling in love with him at the same time lol



청담동 앨리스

Title: 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Aelliseu
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-1 until 2013-Jan-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50 KST
Official Website: http://alice.sbs.co.kr/
PD: Jo Soo-won
Writer: Kim Jin Hee, Kim Ji Woon, Kim Young Hyun
Replaced: Five Fingers
Followed by: TBA
Han Se Kyung is a talented young designer who lives each day with the motto “Strive for your dream to succeed.” until she met Cha Seung Jo a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdam-dong who will change her life.




Main Cast
Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo (33)
Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung (27)
So Yi Hyun as Seo Yoon Joo (27)
Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong (35)

Extended Cast
Kim Yoo Ri as Shin In Hwa (29)

People around Se Kyung
Nam Goong Min as So In Chan (30, Se Kyung’s ex-boyfriend)
Jung In Ki as Han Deuk Gi (50, Se Kyung’s father)
Lee Jong Nam as Jung Yoon Hee (50, Se Kyung’s mother)
Hye Jung as Han Se Jin (23, Se Kyung’s younger sister)
Shin So Yool as Choi Ah Jung (27)

People around Seung Jo
Han Jin Hee as Cha Il Nam (60)
Park Kwang Hyun as Heo Dong Wook (33)
Choi Sung Joon as Secretary Moon (40)

People around Yoon Joo
Kim Seung Soo as Shin Min Hyuk (40)
Goo Won (구원) as Seo Ho Min (26)
Park Won Sook as Mrs. Jung (60)


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