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Finally after a long waiting, me and other Indonesian Hottest can see our beastly idol again.
Though it’s not their comeback yet but still I have a lot of enthusiasm for them kkk~

2012 might not be the smoothest year for 2PM but they are still working hard ^^
The concert is the prove.
Though I also confused why JYP choose to make a Global Tour Concert before their comeback but lets respect that.
We still enjoyed the concert though lol

Kicking off the Global Concert Tour titled What Time Is It on Shanghai, Indonesia is the second country to be visited.

8th December 2012
Indonesian Hottest were waiting for this and prepared a lot for them.
Sponsored by Marygops Studio, Entourage ID and Asia Top Entertainment with a lot of sponsor and media behind them, we can say that this concert is awesome.

And Indonesian Hottest Fanbased such as HottestID, junkaydicted, nickhunid,  and others (sorry, i cant remember all of them T.T) were so awesome.
They prepared a lot of project to show how much we love 2PM.
Giving all item for free to Indonesian Hottest such as hand banner, pink lightstick, hand fan and flag.
Though the project wasn’t run smoothly (i can’t completely take part with handbanner or lightstick project since i were too excited to enjoy 2PM’s performance lol) but hats off for all of you guys^^

If i have to compare the concert with last year concert (Hands Up Asia Tour) i would choose #2PMJKT2012.

  • Because the venue is great. I can see them clearly and the distance was not that far. kyaaa, i see them live!
  • The concert was held with a live band. They perform well with the music and dancer. Great staffs!!
  • Their perform songs with difference arrangements. One song can be played with different feel. Rock, pop, R&B. They can mixed it well with such a great performance!
  • The sound system, effect, lightning and performance were great as always.
  • And most of all, their solo peformance were all great. I should say that Khunnie’s solo performance was the one that I’ve been waiting for. Let It Rain. A song that he composed for Hottests all around the world, such a beautiful lyrics. We will still support you, Khun^^
    “Like an angel, like my mother, like a bestest friend of mine~~”
  • And oh, not forget to mention the VCR! It was so touching. A Thank You message from 2PM for Indonesian Hottest. I dunno who wrote with Indonesian language but we are all so touched.
  • And the cute moment also when Chansung singing an Indonesian Kid songs in Indonesian language!! Great job and preparation, boys 😉
  • And Jun.K also smiled a lootttt ~ Love it too much kekeke~
  • They also communicate well like last year, saying a lot of things in Indonesian language makes all of us feel warmed and jokes between them and Hottest too. I think Taec was the most member who teased us. And Jun.K too, when he said “Apakah kalian mau menjadi pacarku?” (Would you be my girlfriend?” over and over. And Wooyoung too. He completely happy when he can teased us and make all girls screaming lol
  • And this year concert was being sponsored by lots of media and we can get free drink and food lol and since i bought the ticket on indomaret, i can get free photobooth with 2PM and printed^^

One big minus was, the concert only took for 2.5 hours T^T
2PM can only stand and talking with us or else, we would completely find with that.
Just make it, like 4 hours?? Lol

I took a lot of photos and videos but not all of them are great 😦
I already choose some photos, sorry if some of them are blur.

and for videos, i don’t have a complete full videos 😦
but you can search it on youtube, i bet there are a lot of fancam there cause i also count on them ^^;
anw, if there any of you who got the HQ fancam for the VCR, pleaseeee share it with me T.T

and for 2PM~~
good luck for you guys! we will wait for your comeback and will always support you all the time~~^^



UPDATED the complete song list to be archived.
source: @Wild2Day, credited to: @sundaymandarin and youtube uploaders~


1. I’ll Be Back
2. I Was Crazy Over You 너에게 미쳤었다
3. I Hate You 니가 밉다
– Introduction –
4. Give It To Me
5. Even If You Leave Me 니가 나를 떠나도
6. Chansung solo: Love You Down
7. Junho solo: Just A Feeling
8. Heartbeat
9. Again And Again
10. Back 2 U
11. Wooyoung solo: Sexy Lady
12. Taecyeon solo: It’s Time
– Talk – Chansung singing “Satu-satu Aku Sayang Ibu” (Indonesian Children’s Song (Trans:http://bit.ly/QRbTpI))
13. Without U (Rock Ver.)
14. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop (Rock Ver.)
– VCR: 2PM Proposal –
15. I Can’t
16. Only You
17. Don’t You Know 모르니
18. Nichkhun solo: Let It Rain
19. Jun.K solo: Just One Night
20. Like A Movie 영화처럼
21. I’m Your Man
— Talk —
22. HOT
23. Hands Up
24. 10 out of 10 10점 만점에 10점
– VCR: BTS of ‘What Time Is It?’ Tour –
25. I Will Give You My Life 목숨을 건다
– Ending Talk –
26. Encore – I’ll Be Back (Rock Ver.)
27. Encore – Hands (Up Remix)

[*] Chansung Singing “Satu-satu Aku Sayang Ibu”
– FANCAMS: http://youtu.be/r4EySEFUbnw || http://youtu.be/ojZzq-jWA4Y || http://youtu.be/CH3TxRoFIy8 ||http://youtu.be/UvK6S5XHTUg || http://youtu.be/wnbi92iIZbo

[*] Nichkhun’s Message About “Let It Rain”
– FANCAM: http://youtu.be/vh-8WeXeoyw
– “It’s the first that you guys heard my song, “Let It Rain”, because you know I wrote the song with all of my heart for you guys. We have been through some hard times. And you never gave up on us, on me or the rest of the team. So I wrote the song for the HOTTEST all over the world. To let them know how much I love them (?)… how much I feel safe being with you guys. Thank you so much! “Let It Rain”!”

[*] Various of fancams of the boys talking in Indonesian
– Introduction: http://youtu.be/zDWejgF8ovk
– “Love You Down” (Jun.K) & “Sexy Lady” (Khun & Chan) + Talk : http://youtu.be/lPZyPfgbPBE ||http://youtu.be/MYh9nIy8B5w
– Ending: http://youtu.be/Jbm1d5k8elA – “Sampai jumpa lagi. Hati-hati di jalan.” English Trans: We will see you guys again. Be careful on your way back!


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    • wow you are so lucky can see them in a close distance
      i want to watch that close too but i’m too afraid since i’m not that tall >.<

      and you are one of the staff of HottestID who take part of the project?
      send my regards for others and for all who support it.
      appreciate it so much ❤ ^^

      we should make a great better project for them again next time
      and i would be gladly to help ^^

      nice fancam and pics~~^^

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