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actually you can call it as Nice Guy or Innocent Man too, since the title is quite long lol
this might be the shortest review i’ve ever made. it’s just airing 4 episodes when i made this review post.
the story is about revenge. i think on the first episode, it already have a strong plot.
and i can say that first episode is great. the story line is so fast and not boring.


  • Title: 세상 어디에도 없는 차칸남자 / Sesang Eodiedo Eobsneun Chakan Namja
  • Also known as: 차칸남자 (Nice Guy) / The Good Man Never Seen Before / Innocent Man
  • Genre: Melodrama, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Sept-12 to 2012-Nov-??
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Betrayed by his girlfriend Han Jae Hee, Kang Ma Roo uses Seo Eun Gi, an heiress who has lost her memory, to exact his revenge.


  • Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
    • Kang Chan Hee (강찬희) as young Ma Roo
  • Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi
  • Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee
    • Park So Young (박소영) as young Jae Hee
  • Lee Kwang Soo as Park Jae Gil
  • Lee Yoo Bi as Kang Cho Go (Ma Roo’s half sister)
    • Han Seo Jin (한서진) as young Cho Go
  • Jo Sung Ha as Suk Min Hyuk


Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo

“Let’s stop, it’s over. It’s not like that any more. So what can I do? her feelings have changed so what can I do? Im not the old Maru either…”
His father was a “casanova” while his mother was too sweet and innocent for her own good. Other than his family background, Maru has everything going for him- smarts and looks. As a medical student in South Korea’s top university, Maru was popular with woman from all areas, including those in the financial and political arena. But ever since Jae-hee ran through his door when he was a child, she has been the one and only light in his heart.
But six years ago, everything changed after he received a panicked phone call from Jae-hee. The Kang Maru with a bright future disappeared and he also lost Jae-hee, his reason for living.
Now Maru is a gigolo who has women desperate and pining for him. He’s been searching for Jae-hee but when he finally finds her, another woman enters his life. Her name is Seo Eun-gi. She calls Jae-hee her mother.

Ma Roo. How i hate the type of boy who blinded by love and gave up everything for his love. even his bright career as a doctor!
he was being used by the girl he loved, just to save her life.
but then, Ma Roo choose to take revenge by using her step-daughter.
dunno whether Ma Roo will end up with whom. but i hope he will be together with the step-daughter.

it’s quite an interesting story. though it might be gloomy and have no comedy, but i already fall with this drama ^^

uri flower boy, Joong Ki yaaaa~ lol
haven’t seen his acting in such a long time and how i miss him appear in Running Man~ T^T
his acting skill really great. totally different with his previous drama where he usually to be the type of flower boy and always smile.
in this drama, he is the main actor and he act as a man. a man who feel betrayed by his love.
he should be a great doctor on this drama. and i think that he would be one.
which actually ruined by his mean and selfish girlfriend. *geez, i hate the girlfriend character so much
seeing him with that doctor clothes are so cute ^^
PD-nim, please make him as a doctor again~~

Gwang Soo. i never seen his acting before. didn’t watch any of his drama ><
i just see him as Gwang Soo on Running Man, so it’s kinda awkward lol

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi

“What have you done to me? What have you done to me that you’re walking running, flying in my head all day long, all the time…”
She’s been brought up by her father, the president of Tae-san Group, to be his heir. He’s taught her to always hide her true feelings and never trust anyone, even her own family.
One day, she meet Kang Maru, a person her brain cannot comprehend. First she was scared of him. Then she was curious. Then she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Then she always wanted to see him. Then she wanted to possess him.

and Moon Chae Won. her character as a bold, arrogant and sarcastic woman is awesome.
she acted it well. her previous acting was always be a gentle woman. but now it’s totally different and great.
i wish she will be together with Ma Roo at the end of story.

Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee

“It’s beautiful up here… glamorous and dazzling. I want to stay here. And if it’s a dream, I don’t want to wake up…”
Her mother was a prostitute, so Jae-hee does not know who her father is. The person she called “father” tried to sell her to a pimp to pay back his gambling debt. Kang Maru was the one who helped her survive that kind of environment.
To Jae-hee, Maru was the house with the light always one. He was always there for her, smiling and waiting with his arms wide open.
But once President Seo showed her a world so different from her own, her desire to change her life grew. So she did something terrible to Maru and turned her back on him.

up to episodes 4, the story is great and i love it.
too boring with any other drama, but this one can made my mood up.
hope the PD will make the story more interesting and end up well.

credited to: @metalguy


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

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