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kyaaa~ another place and food that i will surely visit when i go to korea~~^^

taking with fully credited to junkaystreet thankyouuu, really love this post!!

the information, the photos are way too perfect~~

hope we will have some luck when we got there since these places are all recommended by themselves^^~

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Let’s play together with us in Seoul!!
Special navigator, 2PM!

2PM’s party in a hotel in Shinsa-dong’s tree-lined street!

For this shooting, it took place during the last ten days in June at Design Hotel in Seoul’s Gangnam. The six members that got really hyper and excited once they entered the room and saw the foods that are set on the table.

Chansung was the first one that asked “Is it ok if we eat it?”. >> kkk~ the monster magnae
Although the members’ eyes sparkled hearing the staff say “You can eat it after the shooting ends” sadly they don’t even have time to eat and they proceeded entering another room.

user posted image

In that room, Junsu passed the cushion to Junho so that he can sit comfortably, and according to their sitting position, all the members gave their opinion/input actively.

Then the staff brought out the CD player in order to play some songs/music, seeing that it may make it a hard time for the staff, Nichkhun said “It’s ok” and after, he said that Chansung and Taecyeon sang instead. That awesome scene made the atmosphere better! *envy the staff

The place where we are meeting with these greatest six people is none other than in Seoul. They shared their stories from their impression of Seoul until their memories during their trainee days.

Nichkhun: Because I came from a carefree surrounding that is California, the first time I came to Seoul, the atmosphere shocked me.
Chansung: During our trainee days, not just during lessons, we spent most of the time together making us grow closer to each other.
Junsu: That’s right, while hanging around at Rodeo Street in Apgujeong, we will drink some coffee together, or go bowling together.
Junho: Taecyeonie Hyung practiced so hard that even when he’s walking he’ll dance. (kekeke)
Taecyeon: Ahh really it’s embarrassing… That really caused harm towards other people.
Junsu: Nahh we got used to it so it’s okay.
Wooyoung: Because now he can’t go out like that anymore, he is absorbed in decorating his own room. (hehehe)

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Junsu’s Interview

Junsu who came from Daegu that is 300km away from Seoul in the southeast area.
Showing his satoori (Daegu dialect) skills in variety programs, he’s in the middle of revealing his ‘Daegu Guy’ character.

While saying “Because Daegu is a basin, it’s a place where it’s hot during summer and cold during winter. Daegu is also famous for it’s apples” to promote Daegu’s appeal, the members are giggling… “It’s ok~ I like it when the members make fun of my satoori kekeke”

He was sixteen when he went to Seoul from Daegu, where he grew up since he was born. “That time, I got the strong impression that everyone here is working hard for a living. And I promised myself that I will work hard here too.” Even when they’re staying in their hotel while they are oversees, he never stops doing what he likes, which is composing songs. But it is said that there’s also times where all of the members gather in the same room.

“What we talk about? 2PM’s future!… Although we also talk about that… But honestly when someone brings up a funny story we will laugh hard together, and since we are guys that are in the same age group, we will talk heavily about trivial things too. (hehehe)”

[From Taec’s Interview]

Taecyeon who chose Junsu as his vacation partner “Junsu can make friends even at a place where he doesn’t know anyone. He’s a friend that you can rely on. He has the strength to be able to create a happy atmosphere.”

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Taecyeon’s Recommendation
Apgujeong / Apgujeong Station

Taecyeon’s guarantees!
Both the size and the taste are American.

American-styled cafe that Taecyeon – who spent for 10 years in the U.S- has deeply pleased as “The taste is the same as that in those days!”
You can enjoy waffle & tea during the trip or the plate of pancakes and sausages Taecyeon often order for breakfast since there are a variety of meal and dessert.
But the portion is so generous as he says “It fill me up”. You’d better to go hungry!

“THE BIG FAT SPECIAL” consist of pancakes, two kinds of sausages, grilled ham stake, hash browns and scrambled eggs /17,200W (exclusive of service charge).


Wooyoung’s Recommendation
Samchungdong / Gwanghwamun Station
Samchungdong Sujebi

Hot and delicious dumpling soup that Wooyoung eats with haf-haf.

Sujebi is a Korean dumpling soup.
“There are many restaurants that you can have traditional breakfast and good Sujebi too” Wooyoung says.
The highly recommended restaurant is famous, which is always crowded with customers.
The Sujebi here has two types, which is made from flour and glutinous rice.
The mild soup from dried bonito and clams goes well with the smooth Sujebi.
We understand the feeling why Wooyoung wanna go to there even if it always being crowded!

It’s a little far from the station, but if you walk while seeing ancient temples and shops along the beautiful walk, it doesn’t seem far from there.
Don’t mixed up since there are some similar restaurants around it.


Nichkhun’s Recommendation
Apgujeong / Apgujeong Station

Modern Thai cuisine, Nichkhun – who raised in Thailand- deeply loves.

Although there are many cuisines of southeast Asia like Pho of Vietnam or Nasi Goreng of Indonesia, Nichkhun naturally chooses “Thai food! I go there with my friends or members when I missed my home”.
A red curry called Panang Gai which grabs Nichkhun’s heart.
According to a staff, Nichkhun is a regular customer since the restaurant opened ten years ago.
No matter how often he goes there in a week, he never tires of eating Panang Gai.

Thai-styled chicken and red conconut curry, Panang Gai /13,500w. The special and biting spicy flavor reminds Nichkhun of Thailand?

user posted image

Chansung’s Recommendation
Apgujeong / Cheongdamdong Station

A purveyor of cafe to celebrities, Chansung stays a long time.

“I got into the comfort. I can feel refreshing during the time with americano here” Chansung says.
As he says, there is a high ceiling and an open space.
Although it’s a cafe, any dishes are authentic. They aims at raw food using organic material.
Actually, 2PM as well as other celebrities often visit here. You may have a chance to meet them after lunch or in the middle of the night.

Pizza topped with rucola and prosciutto baked by using the traditional pizza oven /24,000w.
Chansung likes americano the most of all the home-roasted-coffee /6,000w.


Junsu’s Recommendation
Apgujeong / Sinsa Station

Home-roasted-coffee and music, which makes Junsu’s soul soothe.

Junsu, – who likes coffee- told us a coffee shop with a relaxing atmosphere, saying “Just outside Exit No.5 at Sinsa Station!” in Japanese.
8-10 kinds of coffee beans are roasted by themselves and that is authentic.
In addition to the taste of coffee, Junsu’s recommendation is the music.
“The sense of selection is great! I like to sit on the soft sofa being relaxed and listening to jazzy hip-hop music.”

Americano, which is a standard coffee of Junsu /5,000w. Gelatin cheesecake /4,000w.
Junsu often sits on a window sofa. *hope to see you there kkk~


Junho’s Recommendation
Apgujeong / Cheongdam Station
Golmok Dining

A common dining is near the office JYP that 2PM belongs to.
Junho pushed the memorable dining, which supported member’s young days.
“I feel comfortable as I continue to go there since I was a trainee. I really like it~” he praised.
Although one of my favorite food is a hot fried food using octopus called Nakji Bokeum, you can eat other home-made dishes of Korea and they are all delicious.”

Nakji Bokeum, Junho has great love for it, saying “I like hot food”/6,000w.
A dish of octopus, fried with kochujang(red pepper paste). Not only Junho but also other members often visit here.

user posted image

Their close relationship can be seen clearly even not during shooting
Noisy gallery & Relax

Taecyeon’s staff imitation making the scene filled with laughter.
Junsu who is jealous (?) seeing Wooyoung and Junho’s two shot. (Is Junsu-hyung being captured properly?)
The well known ‘Jun Brothers’, the dongsaeng Junho is attacking Junsu hyung? (Bring it on!)
As soon as Junsu starts attacking using the cushion, Chansung desperately trying to block.
Once the OK sign being given during the shooting, their expressions changed immediately from cool expressions to relax mode~
Wooyoung observing the two persons that are playing jokingly with each other interestingly. The three shot that became gentle.
With Taecyeon’s “Aaa~~”, Junsu became so happy. Just like a puppy!
The cake that Nichkhun is holding & the cream on Junho’s finger. I want both of them~
After the interview, Junsu gave the song that he is still in the middle of composing, giving the miracle a play!
When Wooyoung is about to feed some food to Chansung for him to eat, all the members will come to him in turn… And the atmosphere becomes better with their close relationship with each other. (A~~~ang)
Even during their rest time, if the camera is on, smile. Like this makes me want to put you to sleep…
Even though Taecyeon asked “Is this hair style looks to wild?” it’s ok, no problem! (Does my hair fits well?)

Scanned & Japanese > English translations by rikakotsu @ JunkayStreet
Japanese > Korean translations by @hopibosal
Korean > English translations by KimBoPeepOppa @ JunkayStreet


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