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At first place, I don’t want to write this. News already spread out there and explain much.
But I guess it’s been going to far. Or am I the one who only feel it?
What happened to Khun on 240712, you guys can search it.

I don’t really care about what anti-fans, hatters or what they called it. They have their own opinion to write about this bad things.
Even though I do feel sad about what they wrote but if I reply to those, it won’t just quit. So better to not read those bad comments anymore.
After all, it’s really an accident where no one wanna it to happened.
Blaming anyone will just make it worse.

But then, when I heard about Cabi take out Khun’s image, well…. okay.
Then Idol Star Olympic also edited Khun’s interview.

I mean, is this really have to be like that? Edited Khun here and there. Then, what about his new movie that will be airing soon?
I do not know any policy in Korean entertainment world, since I’m not Korean.
But, is that not going to far?
I heard that they don’t want to make any controversial but it’s just too mean.
After all the effort that Khun made for those products, make their sales increased. And just because one mistake which Khun doesn’t have any intention to do it, they editing him out.

Well, I’m not have any capacity to make any changes for those that already happen.
But with this, I think we can show how Hottest always support Khun.
We all Hottest know him better than anyone, right?
It might takes time to see him back to normal, but like what Hottest always did, supporting him and 2PM forever and ever^^



-these are the statements from different witnesses- (via @bbiyak25)
“1stly, it’s not nk’s fault but it’s the motorist’s” “it’s a different story according to the cctv, the motorist is at fault too” “nk kneeled beside the motorist and prayed, his face was very pale” “nk firstly admitted that he had drank 2 bottles of beer before the police even said anything” “both weren’t driving in a fast pace bcoz thou the motorists fell, he wasn’t flung” basically, the police are saying both of them are at fault but the witnesses said that only the motorist is at fault, not khun “it wasn’t nk’s fault but bcos he had admitted first he had drank 2 beers, the situation suddenly became ‘it’s nichkhun’s fault'” “it was a 50cc delivery motorcycle, the front wheel was completely bent” another witness “imo the car wasn’t driving as fast but the motorist were so i think this is the fault of the motorist” “as the manager was calling the police, nk was earnestly kneeling and praying beside the motorist” “he didn’t know what to do, he kept saying sorry, and looking up to the sky and praying and his face got very pale” “afraid that he can’t explain properly, the moment the police arrived, nk bought some water and explained dat he had drank a bit” “after that he really just followed what the police says and ordered, he really looked shocked and restless” “the motorist fell and was about to get up but when he saw it was nichkhun, he lied back down and didn’t move at all” “he already stood up perfectly fine but then he lied back down as the ppl around started whispering ‘it’s nichkhun’ beside him” “dat spot was wer all the delivery guys hang out, they weren’t many ppl, it was night time so when they knew it’s nk, they just overreacted”

if all this is true, well… actually i wanna blame and spell on someone you-know-who, but i guess this won’t right.
let’s just hope the truth will be revealed soon!!! and Khun will be back with his activity with his new heart ^^


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

4 thoughts on “[2PM] SUPPORT KHUN ♥

  1. Wait, what exactly happened?

    • humm, it’s about some incident that happen to 2PM’s Nichkhun.
      when the official statement hasn’t been released, people just blaming him and he been removed from some CF.
      but now the situation is little bit calm since the investigation has been done.

      now he is taking a break and do self reflection for this incident.
      he won’t include some of JYPE’s event.
      dunno until when he will be taking this break, but we all support and respect his decision^^
      #WeWillWait4Khun ^^~

      *sorry for this fangirling LOL

      • It seems like it would be super hard to be a celebrity in the first place because everyone knows and speculates about your personal business, but it seems like Asian celebrities particularly have it the worst. They can’t even publicly date anyone without huge backlash because the fans are so possessive. I read something recently about how Korean stars feel about some of the stars coming out and being public about dating like the two from Queen Inhyun’s Man and they asked Lee Seung Gi what he thought and he basically said he wouldn’t do it because he was afraid it would anger the fans. That is so crazy!!

        Well I hope that he comes out of this okay and it doesn’t kill his career. Good for you for supporting him rather than trying to tear someone down 🙂

      • yeah, i don’t know why there are some fans who are too possessive.
        korean idol also a human who have their own personal life.
        at least for me, when my idol have their own love life, i’ll just keep support them since i also can not have them LOL

        i think korean entertainment is a hard battle.
        not only fans and society, but all people in entertainment industry.
        especially the netizen. there even some people who built an anti-fan society for some idol.

        korean idol should be a tough person to face all of them. not just prepare for the popularity and good things.

        yeayyy, Hottest is so supportive ^^~
        lovely fandom like a real family.
        all fandom should support their idol, rite? kkk~

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