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okay, firstly, apologize me please for doing this post.

because watching the final of Djarum Indonesia Open 2012 today, I’m so into him LOL

and HE WIN! he paired with Jung Jae Sung. oh! he win over Denmark ^^

here is some information about him which i got from wikipedia *as always with some edited from me

Lee Yong-dae (Hangul: 이용대)

Born September 11, 1988 in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do

His current partners are Jung Jae-sung in men’s doubles (as of 2006) and Ha Jung-eun in mixed doubles (as of 2011)

Lee Yong Dae started playing badminton at his local elementary school at the age of 8. His youth club is Samsung Electromechanics. He joined the national badminton team of South Korea in 2003, at the age of 15 years old.

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isn’t he cute? LOL

you should watch when he play. you might fall for him too kkk~

he got so much fans from Indonesia. what makes funny is, when he open his shirt at the court, you can hear all girls screaming kkk~

oh! and i just remember that he also came on Khuntoria WGM. he play badminton with Nichkhun, Victoria and Sully.

Khun and Vic tried to match him and Sully. he’s cute there.

if i’m not mistaken, it’s on eps 43-44 ^^ *gonna rewatch it too later kkk~

anyway, yes, he a bit looks like Lee Seung Gi, right?

both of them are cute in their own ways LOL

i should watch him play when he got to Indonesia again! ;p

some facts about him :

  • Yong Dae loves black colour, blue and gray
  • Yong Dae have a good relationship with his mother and loves her dishes
  • Yong Dae is the maknae. he have one hyung, named Lee Dae Roo
  • everytime he asked about his love life, he always said that he only focus in his career now
  • Yong Dae loves to use hat every time he goes
  • Yong Dae got his first Gold Olympic when he was 19th years old
  • Yong Dae loves children
  • at the court, he may seems arrogant but out of it, he is a shy person and so playful with his friends
  • Yong Dae doesn’t like crowded, especially when fans come over him because he has a bad memory with it
  • Yong Dae’s hobbies; listen to music, watching and sleep
  • Yong Dae doesn’t have any social account because he doesn’t like to play in cyber world
  • Yong Dae is the most favorite badminton player and have a lot of girl fans in Korea *here in Indonesia too kkk

okay, enough i guess. forgive me please -____-


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smaiilllllll..... ;)

3 thoughts on “[PROFILE] LEE YONG DAE

  1. Have never watched professional badminton, but I like to play it. It’s fun!!

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