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on 12th June 2012, me and my work mates are having a dinner. well, actually it’s a treat by our CEO kkk~

me and work mates were do some performance for our board of directors on 29th May 2012.

and it did great, success and awesome performance XD

we do saman dance for it. great team works, i can said πŸ™‚

so, our CEO treat us for our hardwork that we always practice every Sunday until Friday for 1.5 months *phew

we have dinner at Cassis Restaurant.

Pavillion Apartment – Retail Arcade
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24Β JakartaΒ 10220
T 021 5794 1500 – F 021 5794 1510.


it’s quite an expensive restaurant actually, which i might never go to have dinner there with my own money LOL

it’s fine dining. don’t ask me the menus, i can not remember what its called.

so, here are some pictures for you, hope it can gave you some information πŸ˜‰

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for appetizer, i choose heart-goose (?) it’s good actually, i love it.

they cook it with blueberry sauce.

but after i ate it, my friend told me that to get a good quality of it, the goose was been treat so bad X( *i’m so sorry

but truth is, it really tasty.

for main course, i have well done steak. tenderloin, if i’m not wrong.

well, it’s ordinary actually, cause it’s not making me feel so “wow” after ate it.

dessert! the one that i love most kkk~

i choose chocolate, and it looks like mars, sneakers or something like that. but chocolate always gooooood LOL

and, we also have red wine and white wine.

since i’m not so into wine, so i just taste little and not really special for me.

after a great dinner and chit chat, we sure taking some pictures but i don’t have any pictures of us 😦

it’s on my friends camera.

oh! and we also get certificates for our effort! kkk~

effort of saman dancers HAHA!

anyway, here is our practice video, still little bit messy though.

i haven’t got our performance video yet 😦

so, if i have to rate this cassis restaurant?

well, actually kind of so-so. 3/5 maybe πŸ™‚



Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)


  1. That’s really cool! I’ve never seen that before. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to eat a heart of anything lol, but I’m sure it was good πŸ˜›

    • Really? In indonesia, heart of chicken is a common things to eat. And I don’t really like it.
      But heart of goose or else, is kind of rare. And might be expensive too LOL
      I must admit that this goose’s heart is so yummy X)

      • No Americans are kind of squeamish when it comes to food. Most of us don’t eat hearts, tongues, eyes, feet or anything of that nature. Which really, it’s pretty wasteful if you think about it. But it’s just cultural. The farthest I’ve gone is eat sushi, which usually Americans don’t eat any kind of raw meat, so those of us that like sushi are considered adventurous lol, and I’ve had fried chicken livers and gizzards, which are popular only in the really Southern country regions of the U.S. Maybe one day I will get brave and try a goose heart lol.

      • Well actually those parts of animal isn’t really healthy. Should not eat those kind of foods often.
        But sushi is good, I love sushi πŸ˜€
        Yes, it’s just different cultural and habits ^^
        Doing culinary is kind of fun though hehe

      • Seems like it would be, I really only cook a few things lol.

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