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Geurigo…(Holding back the tears)

hayahge heuryeojin geurimgwa jiweojindeuthan nae hyanggiga
nunbushin gureumsoge garyeojyeoyo…

amumal eobtneun nae gaseumi cheoncheonhi mameul olgyeobogo
geusairo sochyeogan shiganman sone nohyeo jyeoisseoyo…

I’m holding back the tears
mugeopji anhge naui maeumeul maego georeoyo
gakkapjinahgo meolji anheun gose
dareun naega seo-ittjyo nan ulji anhayo

ddodashi dusoneul moeujyo
eodinga deullin geogose
jueogi anin jigeumeul nan saragayo

babogatjiman neul hamkke isseoyo
biugo shipeun geu apeumi
onmomeuro heureuneun nae nunmureul mareuge hajyo.

I’m living with my tears
mugeopji anhge naui maeumeul maego georeoyo
gakkapjianhgo meolji anhgeun gose
dareun naega seoittjyo ulji anhayo nan…

I’m holding back the tears
gabyeopji anhge naui mideumeul maego ddwieoyo
nopjido anhgo natjianheun gose
ddo dareun naega seoittjyo
jageun misoro nan useulsuitjyo…

credits: kpop kingdom forum and ira03


A faded white painting and my slightly vanished scent are hidden inside a eye-blinding cloud

My wordless heart slowly moves
And the time that passes inbetween is in my hands

I’m holding back the tears
I hang my heart so it’ll be weightless
In a place not too close but not too far
Another me is standing, I don’t cry

I bring my two hands together once again
In a place I live the present life instead of the memories

It’s foolish but we were always together
The pain that I wanted to empty flowed throughout my whole body and dries up my tears

I’m living with my tears
I’m holding back the tears
I hang my heart so it’ll be weightless
In a place not too close but not too far
Another me is standing, I don’t cry

I’m holding back the tears
I hang my faith on me and run
In a place that is not high nor low
Another me is standing,
With a small smile, I can smile

credit: silentxtears@soompi and sunshine_moon@TVXQ_SFC


i just suddenly miss this old song 😥


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)


  1. Kdramas have the best ballads!! Their lyrics are always a lot more poetic than the lyrics for American songs lol.

    • Yes, sometimes ost for kdrama are the best one for ballad.
      But most of kpop songs are up-beat.
      Recently, american songs are kind of hip hop and R&B. And I don’t really into it. Just some songs from the best singers is good to hear.
      I prefer oldies american songs for ballad. X(
      Anw, do you have specific idol for kpop? 😀

      • No I have been watching kdramas for a while now, but have not until very recently started listening to any korean music outside of the sings that are on the dramas themselves. Yeah American pop music is kind of in a slump right now lol. I hope it starts to get better soon. She is British, but Adele is hugely popular over here and her voice is amazing. I would say Kelly Clarkson is one of the best actual American female singers and probably Bruno Mars is the best American male singer out right now. Have you heard “It will Rain” by Bruno Mars? I LOVE that song, great ballad!! But I agree with you, the older stuff is better than most of what is out now over here. I will be looking into more kpop so I will let you know when I hear an artist that really catches my attention 🙂

      • Yes, already hear Bruno Mars’ song. It is the soundtrack for last Twilight Saga movie, right? I love it too.
        Agree with you, Adele and Kelly Clarkson are awesome. I love “Set Fire to The Rain” by Adele now. Hope there will be another good songs of American. For ballad especially 🙂
        Sure, maybe we can discuss about which group that catch your attention later. And since I love 2PM, I would like to suggest 2PM for you LOL

      • Yes it is on the soundtrack to the most recent Twilight movie. I love “Set Fire To the Arain” too, but I don’t know if I can pick a favorite out of all of her songs, they’re all great!! I nope we start to get more good artists too, I have heard of 2 PM and I have seen a video of one of their songs featuring Yoon Eun Hye. “Tick, Tock” was what it was called I believe. That’s the band that Taecyeon is in right?

      • Looks like you are a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye? 😀
        Yes, she featuring on 2PM songs and they make the MV like a mini movie.
        She is a great actress 🙂
        Right, Taecyeon is a member of 2PM ^^
        People are so attracted with Taecyeon lol

      • Yeah I am a really big fan of hers. Taecyeon is very nice to look at lol. I’ll have to listen to more of their stuff.

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