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For all the Running Man fans, this is a guide to HaHa and Gary’s restaurant in Seoul.


First of all, this is their official website Pal Ja Mak Chang (팔자막창). It’s a Running Man concept restaurant.

HaHa once tweeted: “불친절한 저희 직원이 있으면 등짝을 확 뜯어주세요~! 여긴 홍대 맛집! 팔자막창!!”

[Translation] “If there’s an unfriendly staff here, just rip off their name tag~! This is Hongdae restaurant! ‘Destiny Makchang!!’”

HaHa’s restaurant is located at Hongdae, near Hongik University (Hongdae station) and a shopping mall called ‘SangSang Madang’ 상상마당.

Address (HaHa’s restaurant): Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 395-17

It will be easier for you to locate using Google maps depending on your starting location because the area near HaHa’s restaurant is pretty deserted.

This is the picture of SangSang Madang. To get to SangSang Madang, take subway line 2 to Hongdae University, exit 5. Or line 6 to Hapjeong Station exit 3.

From SangSang Madang, It’s a 7 mins walk to Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu 395-17.

Once you get to the area, you might be able to spot this. Right across you’ll find HaHa’s restaurant.

A cafe right next to HaHa’s restaurant.

This is HaHa’s restaurant.

The menu.

Further up you’ll find ‘L Bar’. Walk straight to get there.

[please do not remove any of the images for whatever purposes :D ]

Some of the food they sell at Pal Ja Mak Chang.

They’re famous for Mak Chang [BBQ pork intestine] which is available in both Haha and Gary&Gil’s restaurant.

(picture by garyseumdwa.tumblr.com)

(photos by HaHa @quanninomarley)

It would be wise to visit HaHa’s restaurant from evening onwards, and it’s usually open until late. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to spot HaHa at his restaurant. He visits quite often (at night) compared to Gary and sometimes serve his customers personally.

I rented a taxi since I had to visit several places and the charges are 40,000won/hr, 80,000/ 2hour. It took about 30 minutes to get from Open World Entertainment to HaHa’s restaurant. If you’re entirely new to Korea, I suggest you rent a taxi from a nearby area. :D

  • Moving on to LeeSsang’s restaurant:

(@peaceful_gary visited LeeSsang’s restaurant and also posted a guide. I granted permission from her to post it here, too. You may visit her tumblr for more info)

There are 2 branches (Pal Ja Mak Chang) in total.

1) Gangnam-gu, take Line 9 to Sinnonhyeon Station and exit from exit 6. Once you exit, continuing walking straight until you reach Gangnamdaero69-gil

2) Take Line 2 or 7 to Konkuk University Station and exit from exit 1. Seoul, KwangJin-Gu, HwaYang-Dong, 48-20 (follow map below)

LeeSsang’s restaurant.

Gary rarely visit his restaurant, he does so only when he brings Infinity challenge/Running Man members etc to visit.

Gathered this much information thanks to ChannelYJS & peaceful_gary on twitter, also a few friends of mine.

Fully credited to ophila’s blog, thankyou^^


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