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[Review] Music and Lyric – Junho & So Eun

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Finally, this show aired! Just watch the first episode, and they are too cute~

Firstly, let me describe what is this show about^^

“Music and Lyric” or “That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music” is a romantic reality program in which an actress and a male singer-songwriter get together to make one special song. This program was aired by MBC every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. KST.

The couple should make a song within 3o days. The actress compose the lyric, and the male singer compose the music.

The first couple that has been finished composed a song was Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye.

Actually, I only watched their first episode. So, I’m sorry if I can not give much information about them.

But, as I google it, their song titled “I Think Of You”  >> will review it later on separate post^^

After they finished their song, MBC get another couple and they are~~~~ 2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun!



They are so cute! First meeting, they look so shy but I guess, Junho can bring up the moment well so they can get along so fast.

They look so good and match each other well. And yes, Junho looks so manly here.
He treats So Eun so gentle that can make you feel envy her so much.

They even discuss how they should call each other, and Junho wants to be friends with So Eun instead of sister-brother.

So they are using banmal right away^^
Then they are invited by the producer, music director team of “Feast of God” drama.

(forget to mention that their song will be the soundtrack of “Feast of The Gods” if the music director accepted it)

They are having fun, sharing what they thought about each other and doing a love shot!

Actually, the director asked them to do it kkk~

Because her glass was too full, then Junho change his glass with So Eun’s ><

When they have to go back to the car,  Junho even take care of her by giving her an umbrella because it was raining.

The day after, they have a movie date, tell each other favorite songs, and many moreee~

Watching this can make you fall for Junho kkk~
With Junho’s smiley eyes, it makes him so cute.
Feeling like watching We Got Married :p

Can’t wait for their next episodes and their songs as well!


So, let’s hope that they can make a great song~

If you already watch it, tell me what do you think about this couple?

Will they also be couple in reality? kkk~


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