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[SHARING] top 3 want-to-do in korea – TOUCH KOREA TOUR


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This article still made to be include in TOUCH KOREA TOUR that was held by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Indonesia and buzz Korea^^

I made in two language: the one in black is bahasa and the purple one is english

despite of take part on contest, i also wanna hear visitor’s comments from worldwide about Korean culinary, culture and other places that should be visited 😀
*although i haven’t go to korea yet LOL 

it’s Hallyu wave~


South Korea. A country that I want to visit.

What will I do when I get there? Of course, lot of things!
If I write down all )of them, I guess I can take all day long just to share with you guys kkk~

But same with previous post (about 3 will try korean dishes^^), I will just post the top 3 I want to do there^^ which actually hard to decide T^T

Making 김치 (Kimchi) ~ 

food again LOL

as all of us know, kimchi is the famous side dishes in Korea. they even have a special day for making kimchi

it is 22 November, because making kimchi needs 22 ingredients *wow, i also just knew that haha

 “The Korean traditional dish kimchi has already been selected as one of the five health foods in the world, yet it is being shunned by young generations these days. We decided to proclaim Kimchi Day to actively promote the superior quality of kimchi and develop kimchi culture,” Park Kun-young, the chairman of the Korea Kimchi Association and a professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Pusan National University, told Korea.net. (cr: theyeogiyo.com)

making kimchi together with family or friends look so fun. it’s not only about food but also togetherness^^

what else can make us happy besides food? kkk~

plus you make your own food with people that you love, share it with them.

plus two, it also a healthy food!

i ate kimchi at Korean restaurant here, and actually i’m not that into kimchi taste but still want to try the original korea taste and make it own my own 😀

Touch Korea Tour - Kimchi Day

Touch Korea Tour – Kimchi Day

Touch Korea Tour - Kimchi Day

Touch Korea Tour – Kimchi Day  

Touch Korea Tour - Kimchi Day

Touch Korea Tour – Kimchi Day

look so fun, huh?

then i guess, i should go around 3rd week of November if I want to celebrate this Kimchi Day, right? kkk~

anyway, here is a song to accompany you make kimchi :p

Wearing Hanbok~

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

Touch Korea Tour – Hanbok – Hallyu

The cultural cloth from Korea! Where else I can find this culture if not from Korea^^

So it’s a must to do thing when I get there, no matter what.

Taking photo then walk around the castle, being a princess for only one day kkk~

I try to google some info about hanbok, and there are so many types of hanbok.

Hanbok has basically separated structure of top and bottom.
It can be divided to clothes for adults and kids and differentiated for seasons.
There is also separation of formal dress and everyday dress.– For Male Adults
Basic compositions of Hanbok for male adults are Baji (trousers) and Jeogori.
After wearing Baji for bottom and Jeogori for top, they wore
Jokki, Magoja, Durumagi (or Dopo) and Gat (or Gwan).
The compositions for events as wedding, memorial service and funeral
were also different from them. They wore white Durumagi or Dopo with Gat
and wore Sang-bok for funeral.
They wore Danryeong which was a uniform of officers regardless of their class
at the wedding ceremony.– For Female Adults
There are Chima for bottom, Jeogori for top and Magoja and
Durumagi for coat for female adults.
Sometimes they wore Baeja on Jeogori and they usually
wore Teol-baeja in winter.
They wore Hwalot or Wonsam which were the dress of women
in the palace for wedding ceremony
and wore Sang-bok for funeral. In 19th century when the length of Jeogori
was extremely short, they wore Sok-jeoksam and
Heoritti together with Jeogori to cover their breast or armpits.– For Male Kids
The everyday dresses for boys were same as those of male adults
but they wore Bokgeon on the head. Hanbok for only kids is
Dol-bok for the first birthday. Boys wore Heoritti (belt) which a lucky bag is
attached and a leopard printed Hogeon.
They also wore a clothes named Obangjang Durumagi with the color
of red, yellow, blue and white which has the meaning of bless of the life of the boy.– For Female Kids
Girls wore Chima, Jeogori, Baeja and Durumagi for everyday dresses
and wore Gule on the head to prevent from cold weather.
Girls also wore Obangjang Durumagi at their first birthday to wish their luck.Composition of Hanbok– Jeogori
It is a basic top cloth of Hanbok composed of body, collar,
outer collar at the adjusting part, and sleeves.
It is separated for men and women and is varied to materials, the way
it is made and the shapes.– Chima (Skirt)
Chima is a basic bottom wear for women and is simply
composed of body, belt and rope. There are Hot-chima, Gyeop-chima
and Nubi-chima for Geot-chima which is an everyday dress and
there are Mujigi and Daesum-chima for Sok-chima (inner skirt).
Seuran-chima and Daeran-chima are for formal dresses.
There are Pul-chima and Tong-chima varied by its shape of the skirt hem.– Baji (Trousers)
Baji is a basic bottom wear for men since the Age of the Three States.
They wore Heoritti (belt) and Daenim (belt for ankle).
Women also wore Baji named “Go” in the Age of Three States
but later they became to wear mainly Chima and Baji was worn as an inner dress.– Durumagi
The outer cloth of Hanbok and it is a cloth for going out.
People certainly wore Durumagi for going out then but recently
it has got the position as a formal dress that it has been worn
at the event as memorial services, Sebae (the New Year’s greetings)
and Dol-janchi of babies. The types of Durumagi are separated for seasons.
Gyeop-durumagi is for spring and fall, Hot-durumagi is for summer
and Som-durumagi is for winter.
The name of Durumagi came from the meaning that all sides are blocked.– Baeja
It is a cloth worn over Jeogori and has a shape of a vest without buttons.
It looks similar with Magoja but it has no sleeves.
It is for both men and women and cotton or wool are put in Baeja in winter.
It is separated as Jang-baeja and Dan-baeja to its length.– Beoseon
They correspond to the socks of these days and
both men and women wore them.
They were worn with be distinguished with the thing
which has a stitching on right direction in it is for right foot,
and has it on left direction is for left foot separately.
They are classified as straight-Beoseon and laid-Beoseon
according to the shape, and as Som-beoseon, Gyeop-beoseon,
Hot-beoseon, Nubi-beoseon and Tarae-beoseon according to the sewing skill.
And it was called as Jokeui which means clothes for feet.

– Dangui
It is a cloth worn over Jeogori and has a shape of a long vest.
Kind of women’s  a court dress. Queens, concubines, maids their wounded.
Heavy load of classes, depending on the decoration is different.

Traditional Ceremony

traditional ceremony that mention here, are like wedding ceremony.

Hwarot(활옷) used by royal women for ceremonial occasions or by commoners for weddings.

Dalryung(단령) used by royal men for official in courts or by commoners for weddings.

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - HallyuTouch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

but nowadays, hanbok already design modernly, full color and fashion.

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu  Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu   

 Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - HallyuTouch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

those clothes so cute, right? imagine yourself with those clothes ^^~

i personally like the modern one cause it’s so colorful, the colour is cute and eye-catching 😀

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

Touch Korea Tour - Hanbok - Hallyu

source: sonjjang-hanbok.com

Enjoying Korean Street Night~

it might sounds simple, but every country and city have a different feel at night.

Korea seems to be one of the best, with a lot of market at night, street snack and the people.

And Korea street food or 포장마차 (pojamangcha) are the one that makes me so excited!

Pojangmacha refers to small tented restaurants on wheels, or street stalls in South Korea which sell a variety of popular street foods such as hotteok, tteokbokki, sundae, odeng, and anju (dishes accompanied with drinking). It literally means “covered wagon” in Korean. They are largely divided into two kinds– one for snacks during the daytime and the other for drinking during the nighttime. The latter most commonly serves soju and anju more appropriate when consuming this alcoholic beverage. – wikipedia

i guess those pictures tell a lot why i do want to enjoy Korea street night kkk~

so, those are my top 3, what is yours? feel free to comment, gomawo^^


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449 thoughts on “[SHARING] top 3 want-to-do in korea – TOUCH KOREA TOUR

  1. again,tteokpokki right? haha.. HANBOK is a must!!

  2. 3 things I’ll do : Enjoy the Korean Street Night & Famous Places ♥ Taste all kinds of Korean food (esp Tteokpokki & Kya-gyung myunl) & Soju ♥ & Once visit to the YG building ♥ x)

    • I also think to visit all the office entertainment LOL
      There some traveler who are also a kpop lovers that sharing some information to get their office kkk~
      It will be lucky for us if we can meet our idols, right? XD
      And yes, culinary always be the best thing on earth! LOL
      Thanks for share too^^
      Let’s make those things came true :p

      • I agree with u,,,but for the entertainment office, I prefer to look for every agency and broadcasting station 😀 and also I want to try to visit the restaurant that is owned by the celebrity 😀

      • I also agree with you!
        All entertainment office, all broadcasting station, and all idol’s restaurants have to be visit.
        Oh my, the list are getting longer X)

        Thanks for your recommendation^^

      • Wearing a Hanbok would be cool!! ❤
        If it were me, I would visit my Favorite band's entertainment office ^^
        oh!! and Kimchi Day seems pretty fun as well 😀

        Hope you have fun in South Korea ❤

      • ahh thankyouuu~
        hope i can get there soon, and you too! 😀

  3. Going to the theme park.
    Buy the Kpop stuff there
    Wear Hanbok:)

  4. 3 things I want to do hmmm The first is wearing hanbok. Secondly, eating tokbukki. Thirdly, going to Kpop star concert ^^

    • Wow, you gave me an idea to watch music show like Music Bank, M! Countdown, Music Core etc live ㅋㅋㅋ
      Especially when our idols do their comeback, it would be a unforgettable moments XD
      I guess, this want to do things will getting longer and longer LOL
      Anw, thanks for drop by^^

  5. Cool… The night street it should be amaze ^^
    Kimchi and hanbok is MUST to do, never feel in Korea until try both 🙂

    Mind to visit my blog too. There some articles about Touch Korea Tour. Thanks.

  6. 3 things? well at first get to see SJ then see korean in night lights and then propably try some of their food ^^

    • Kkk~ going to their restaurant then?
      I forgot who has the restaurant, Shin Dong?
      It would be great if you can meet him there.
      It’s like hitting two bird with one rock :p
      Meet your idol and try their food..

  7. Nice article, I hope I can visit Korea at least once in my life and do that 3 things. ^o^

  8. 3 things i want to do.first,going to kpop star concert.secondly,wearing hanbok.thirdly,making kimchi:)

  9. 3 thing i want to do, hmmm eat eat and eat korean food 😀 found handsome oppa \(^0^)/ like lee dong wook then take a picture with him and visit romantic place. give me ticket please!! LOL

  10. hmmm 3 things i would like to do is… 1)EAT FOOD:DD 2) go shopping at night! and see all the street lights:)) 3) watch K-pop concerttt!!!! heheheeee

  11. 1 Shopping and eating icecream in myeongdong
    2 eat hot ddeokboki on sideway
    3 meet JoKyuhyun of SJ by chance;P

  12. Let’s go to jype office ,,
    wearing the hanbok and enjoy the koraen street night!!

    I’ll to wearing the hanbok so much:))

  13. ahh i want to stroll down the street at night too.. =D

  14. How about wearing HANBOK while u make n eat kimchi.. N with a full stomach, let’s get our adventure at south korea! It will be a great journey.. Haha.. ♥ to visit korea!

  15. Streeett foooodd… *drool drool drool…
    you’ll look super cute in hanbok i suppose.. *wink wink

  16. Me:
    1. Wear hanbok. Must!
    2. Meet & walking with Super Junior esp. Yesung! LOL
    3. Walking around South Korea! LOL

  17. enak tuh bikin kimchiii

  18. i want to see K POP’s live performance (Music Bank,Music Core etc.), Visit N Seoul Tower to see Seoul area and visit the famous coffee shops (Cafe bene,Kona Bean etc.)

  19. hoaaaaaaaaaa I Love KOREA

  20. 3 things I MUST DO in Korea
    1) Shopping at streets at Myeongdong & big shopping malls at Dongdaemun!!!
    – for facial products (DAMN CHEAP) & kpop things DEFINITELY!
    2) Theme parks
    3) Visit KBS, MBC,SBS!!!( maybe got a chance to see my idols when they are in some programmes :D)

    • Oh, we have the same interest! Kkk~
      I guess I should make my top 10 things I would like to do in Korea LOL

      Thanks for sharing yours^^
      Hope we can make those things came true 😉

  21. I wanna go to Korea! :))

  22. Wear hanbok of course, go to Namsan tower and go to music shows 🙂

  23. 1. I want to try wearing a hanbok.
    2. Steet shopping in Myeongdong & Dongdaemun.
    3. I want to go to Lotte World~

  24. 1st i wanna eat tteobbeoki, because im remembered Junkay’s daegu smile tteobeoki. 2nd i wanna wear hanbok, because hanbok for girl its very cute. 3rd i want goes to JYP buildings and meet 2PM oppadeul haha lol.

  25. 1. I want to culinaring on the street at night
    2. I want to go to fanmeeting of my idols..kekekkeke
    3. I want to jog in the early morning at the famous bridge (errr forget the name)

    Yeah..hangug johahaeyo..ggog galge!!

    • culinary~ culinary~
      it always interesting to explore the city at night but still need to be safe kkk~

      wow, what’s that famous bridge name? seems interesting 😉

      thanks for drop by anyway^^

  26. Last summer i did go to Korea :). If you’re going to Seoul , you must go to Myeongdeong , there are a lot of shops , and you can buy a lot of kpop stuff there :D.

  27. 1. Enjoying korean street + shopping at SPAO, Myeongdong,etc
    2. Going to Lotte World, Han river cruise, cabi and other beautiful places
    3. Tasted all kinds of korean food (kimchi,Ddeokbokki,Gimbap,Naengmyeon,Bulgogi,etc)
    4. Visit all korean entertainment office
    5. Going to watch music show
    6. Stalking SM and JYP artist. esp Soshi, SJ, 2PM, Dbsk. and CN blue too. 😀
    7. Going to Busan
    8. Wearing hanbook and going to Gyeongbok other palace
    9. ?
    10. ?
    LOL. i make 10 list cos i cant choose. 😀
    ps. kamu indonesian ya?

  28. 3 things I want to do in Korea 😀

    1. Enjoying Korean Street Night and visit other places and theme parks! 🙂
    2. Shopping at Myeongdong and Dongdaemun 😀
    3. Watch Music Shows/concerts! Meet my idols!!

    other things I want to do in Korea 🙂

    – Eat a lot of Korean Food 😀
    – Wear Hanbok!
    – Visit N Seoul Tower!
    – Make Kimchi 🙂

  29. WooooW Then it made ​​me very hungry. i like it so much kkk

  30. 1) Visit the famous places like Teddy Bear Museum, Namsan Tower, oh & the Stars Avenue cuz i’m a fan of Kpop! I’d looooove to have a tour around YG Ent building too!

    2) SHOPPING, go to night markets!

    3) since i’m a muslim it’s hard to find halal food in korea, but i really want to try halal korean foods there! I love bulgogi!

    • all the famous place is a must.
      seoul tower, nami island, jeju island, and some landmark that Running Man has been cast by :p

      then try tteokbokki! it’s a must try food nyumm nyumm~ LOL

      thanks for sharing yours, hope we can do those things^^

  31. 3 things want to do in South Korea 🙂

    1. Hopefully can meet my bias there~ (wooyoung oppa – 2pm)

    2. Take a walk around street snack at night

    3. Really want to taste ddeubeokki 😀 , the first food I’m gonna find when I got to Korea (~’‾▿’‾)~yuhuuuu….

  32. 1: go following my bias ^^
    2: studying Korean at university
    3: go shopping ^^

  33. Haha…all Korean food look so spicy!!
    Even I don’t eat spicy food, will also give it a try!!
    Sure also going to e Korean street night!! Sure to have lots of fun there!
    Haha if possible, also must try to wear their transitional cloths, as it really look so cute n nice!!

  34. Top 3 things I wna do w/o ranking!
    Visit BEAST and get fan sign from them!
    Wear HanBok and go for festivals!
    KPOP CONCERT esp BEAST’s ! ❤

  35. 1. Hanbok
    2. Hongdae & Han River
    3. Visiting Idols

  36. Just three…? I can’t get enough of them since I wanna do all things in Korea. Kkkkkkkk~
    But, I wanna answer this question 😀
    1. Watching many artists in music shows live
    2. Enjoying Korean Street Night
    3. Enjoying all seasons there!

    • I can make, like 10 things or more for sure kkk~
      Should I make another post titled “10 things will do in korea”? XD

      Enjoying all seasons there? I guess we should live there then~
      I wanna enjoy the spring festival, they said it’s too beautiful 😀

      Thanks for sharing yours^^

  37. Too many activities that I want to do if someday I go to Korea. Hikseu :'< but, the most important, I mean answering your question, are:
    1. Watching live music shows while bringing my biases big banner
    2. Enjoying all seasons there and also Korean Street Night
    3. Wearing hanbok

    ;;_______;; I wanna go there by my money, not begging from my parents! Fighting(?)!

    • Me too!
      Watching live music show, bringing our idols big banner and do the fanchant!
      Looks so fun XD LOL

      You know you can do that!
      Saving money from right now, searching for the cheap ticket and plan everything well.
      Cause that’s what I’m doing right now :p
      Hope we can do those list kkk~

      Don’t stop, can’t stop 😀

      Thanks for sharing^^

  38. Nice entry!These are the things I myself would love to achieve if I visit Korea again,not to mention searching for 2PM stuff and trying to watch them live while there!ㅋㅋㅋ I’ve always been amazed by the vibrant and dynamic colors of the Hanbok. I am also thrilled that Korea has got its traditional culture food,Kimchi, which becomes a family dish,self marinated by each family household in Korea.Coolness max. I❤KOREA! I❤2PM!ㅎㅎㅎ 😀

    • Aww, you have been go to Korea before? *envy you LOL share with me please^^~

      ㅋㅋㅋ as Hottest, we will always have that passion, especially like today (01st April 2012) when they do the fan meeting at Seoul (at Seoul, right?). It makes us envy K-Hottest and wanna fly there immediately ㅋㅋㅋ

      So, which one is right? You love Korea because you love 2PM or you love 2PM because you love Korea? LOL
      Whatever the answer is, I guess Korea and Kpop now are one, you can never really separate them 😀
      Korea culture always looks interesting

      Thanks for sharing yours^^

  39. enjoying korean street night, trying all the cuisine and somehow i really want to go to Jeju Island. I heard it’s pretty there. I once watched the show when the host visited that place and it’s so pretty even from television. it’s said like the Korean version of Bali from Indonesia^^

  40. 3 things that i want to to is :
    – Shopping like crazy >.< haha
    – Visit cool place at korea
    – Try to find my idol ! MBLAQ 😀 muahaha

    actually i have many things i want to do but this is the top 3. lololol btw, nice entry ^^

  41. Visit JYPE, make kimchi and go to myeongdong.. 🙂

  42. I would like to visit jeju and look at the beautiful scenery there 😀
    as well as visiting seoul and the famous apjugeong-dong where popular kpop artists always go there to shop!
    and of course visit SM!!!!!! and see snsd if possible lololol xD

    • Really? I just knew that kpop artists shopping at apjugeong-dong >< *forgive my acknowledge
      Not just see them, but taking pictures as well! LOL

      Thanks for sharing^^

  43. Oohh thank you for visiting us on twitter. The 3 things that 1st thing to do when I’m going visit to Korea:
    -Eat a lot of Korean traditional foods or any Korean trademark dishes, -site seeing for beautiful places there, -and attending events/activities where I can meet my favorite Korean performers (K-pop)…
    from: @asianloveKPOP

  44. woah!! after read your post, i want do all things like this post!! and, i wanna eat Real Korean Kimchi too~~

  45. three things i want to do when i’m in Korea ? meet korean artists esp 2PM ^^ study, make friends and learning korean language and culture ^^ travel to interesting places ^^ but i think it’s more than three. haha 😀

  46. Play gayageum while wearing hanbok, playing in the snow and attending Kpop concerts! Awww ❤

  47. 1) Visit JYP Ent. Buildiing
    2) Eat real topokki at KOres (must be Halal)
    3) Shopping as much as I can fangoods orinally from Korea!!

  48. woow I want to visit Korea…
    1-go to Namsan tower =]
    2-attend Dream concert… I can see all my favorite idols there specially 2pm ^___^
    3-shopping at seoul streets at night and eat food
    if this happen then it will be like dream come true

    • Whoaa almost forgot about Dream Concert ><
      It's an annually concert, right?
      But anything related with music live show, especially when 2PM attend that show is ɑ must watch show ㅋㅋㅋ
      Hopefully when they do that occasion, I will be at Korea :p

      Thanks for sharing^^

  49. Samkyupsal+ Kimchi= Good!!!!!!

    I Love It@@

    Bread+ Kimchi= Also Good!!!

    Sorry for My fool English ability…

    But I speak Korean very well!!!!
    Beacause I’m Korean ^^*

    • Whoahhh 안녕 eunji^^
      It’s good to know that I have ɑ korean visitor and have time to share too 😀

      Bread and kimchi? Wow, I wonder how it taste would be 🙂

      Your english is good enough, you should teach me korean language then^^
      Should I contact you when I go to Korea? ㅋㅋㅋ

      Thanks for give me another option, drop by anytime^^

  50. I Agree with this. Korean foods specially Kimchi is a must. I am not so much fan of those spicy foods which usually serve in Korea, But I love trying and eating it. There is something in the spice that I love. kkk ^_^ Oh! I want to wear that Hanbok too~ and travel around the Country for some historical places. This things I really want to do when in Korea. 🙂

    • I wanna visit historical place too! Korean Folk Village! *am I call it right?
      And museums too! The one that show some unique 3D photos *I see it at Heartstrings drama 😀
      Do you know it?

      Anw, thanks for sharing yours^^

  51. ah In Korea , I want to meet All of the K-STAR XD !

  52. 1) i want go to SPAO & Kona Beans 🙂
    2) wearing hanbok
    3) i want buy many stuffs of Super Junior 🙂

  53. 3 things I wanna do when I go to Korea:

    -Enjoy the streets of Korea
    -Eat Genuine Korean Foods
    -Visit the SM Ent and YG Ent building! 😉

  54. Ive done most of the things you’ve listed back when i was in Korea. And i miss them all TT.TT
    I loveee wearing the Hanbok! Its so colourful and nice 🙂 makes you feel all pretty! 😀

    • whoaa, envy you ><
      share about your trip, what place do you visit, and which one you like the most?

      go back there again, then? ^^

      thanks for drop by^^

      • Well, we went skiing! One time, i finishef a hot shower cus it was cold, my siblings ( the mean kids xD) told me my bra was hanging outside, so i was freaking out like all hell was loose. And i ran out tk the balcony to get it. And no, it wasnt there. But they shut the glass window though, so i was outside freeazing, in a towel, and wet. Ahhaa luckily my mum saw me while she was arranging stuff. Ahaha hmmm. I made kimchi. Which means i can successfully marry in Korea! Hahaha since i already know how to make kimchi! I ate loads of korean food. I personally love going to the restaurants cus we sit on the warm floor 🙂 i love the snow! Haha I wore the hanbok. I saw the blue house! Went to myeongdong and apgujeong. I went to lotteworld. Went to MANY street snacks ( those were the best) my personal best was going to lotteworld. Hahaha met a boy there while on a rollercoaster. Hahah we grabbed hands by mistake on a sharp turn xD hahah and now, i have a feeling thats it Exo-K Kai? Cus when i saw his teaser. It immediately hit me and also my baby sister (not a kpop fan) also said he was lotteworld familiar xD hahaha well. ALSO! My dad we passed by Suju once. But deing daft as i am. I cant be too sure if it was really suju. -___- i wish i remembered.

        Hmmm. About going back. Im in College now. Just entered. So im learning in Malaysia for a while. And after 3years, i’ll be back in Korea to further my studies in Hanyang Universities. I already know the language so it should be pretty easy for me to pass the langauge test! WISH ME LUCK 🙂 (sorry for the long post TT.TT)

      • Wow, I love reading your post, it looks so fun.
        Especially the part when you met with someone who you thought as EXO’s Kai and Suju! XD
        Sometimes when we pass our idol, we can really remember and not really sure if that was them, right?
        I wish I can meet with 2PM when I go there kkk~
        And snow! I really want to feel snowy thing but also wanna feel spring season there. Lot of people said that it is the beautiful season X)

        Envy you! You can live there and have a chance to meet some idols and explore all part of Korea too ><
        But good luck with that! You must be so smart, since I heard that Korea college isn't that easy.
        화이팅! ^^
        Anyway, where are you from?

      • Hahaha nooo. Im not smart, i wish i was! Im from Malaysia 🙂 im actually suppose to start studying in Korea like this year, but, my mum and dad said i was still their baby and all, so blablabla. I need to study here first and then go 🙂 hahah they promised! Haha. XD hmmm. And live in Korea i shall 🙂 i just need to bare for 3years. Haaa. Im realllyyy sorry for the long post!

      • Learn another language and take college from that country isn’t that easy, but sure you can do it! 🙂
        Yes, parents always worried that much, but at least you get their approval and *pyoongg~ live at Korea for some time 😀
        Hanyang University, is there any idol go to that college? XD
        What major do you take?

        Haha no problem, should we continue at other messenger? Nice to know you anyway^^

      • Yeap! We should. How bout twitter? 🙂 you can find me @lisa_izhar
        yeahh, im already learning Korea. Its been a year 🙂

  55. For me what I like the most is the street night market ….
    I want to eat tteokbokki and the other street food, except soju.
    I want to go to Hong-dae, Myeong-Dong…
    Some people have said that those places are so beautiful places in the night ~~~ ^^

    • yes, street night market makes me excited too
      hopefully i can go to korea and enjoy the night market there
      spending night at Han River also seems great 😀

      thanks for sharing^^

  56. 1. Visit all famous place such as Teddy Bear Museum, Namsan Tower, Lotte World, Han River, etc
    2. I will go to CUBE and A CUBE’s Building to meet all my fav artist and also visiting SHINee’s dorm LOL ah don’t forget to visiting Infinite’s and A Pink’s dorm too LOL
    3. because i’m addicted to noodle, so I really want to taste black noodle, it’s called jajjangmyung, right? kekeke

    • wow, you have been almost all of the famous place that have to be visit!
      couldn’t agree more^^

      i want to meet all idols!! kkk~
      am i too greedy? LOL

      yesss, it’s called jjangmyun! i wanna try the original one too >> http://t.co/w8yxbNaR if you mind too read 😉

      anyway, thanks for sharing^^

  57. 3 Thing of KOREA in mind

    1:: Food i like Kimchi ^^ bec i most like eat vegetable

    2:: Music i’m ELF love superjunior .and i listen any song .i think MUSIC can make friend around the world. center of LOVE . FIREND

    3::DRAMA my mom she love watch koreaserie.

  58. 3 things i want to do in korea is #1 MEET MY GIRLS’ , OF COURSE! #2 GO KBS , SBS AND MBC BULIDING ^^ AND #3 WEARING HANBOK

    • It would be lucky if we could meet them XD
      I wanna go to those building too, watch any korean show and take pictures with idols ㅋㅋㅋ
      And yes, wearing hanbok is ɑ must 😀

      Thanks for sharing^^

  59. 3 Thing of KOREA in my mind

    1:: Shopping at seoul streets at night

    2:: I want buy many stuffs of SJ , SNSD , 2PM , BEAST , 4Minute , G.na , FT Island and IU

    3:: I want to met snow and play ski ^^

  60. Korea culture are very nice. I want to go to Korea!! i want to try tteokpokki and kimchi. Enjoying the beautifull Korea in the night.

  61. 1. Meet my idols. =D
    I’m a big KPop fan so I guess it’ll be the first thing I wanna do. ;))
    2. Take a stroll and shop on the streets of Kangnam and Hongdae.
    3. Wear a beautiful hanbok and take a picture of it in a traditional Korean House. :))

  62. 3 things i will do if i’m going to Korea…
    Buy many KPop CDs back XD
    Wear Hanbok clothes
    And eat your kimchi ! 🙂

  63. 1st, I will go find TVXQ and JYJ! OMG! Go to their tours and shows! That’s the main reason I wanna go to Korea so badly 🙂

    2nd, go to Jeju Island. I’ve been wanting to go and have a vacation there with my beloved friends 🙂

    3rd, I wanna go sight-seeing, which includes shopping of course. Hahaha. Eat korean foods and all. 😀

    So nice dreaming of it. I seriously swear I’d be able to do those someday! 🙂

    • then you must checked their schedule first, book the ticket and hotel, then go to korea XD
      it feels good if you can watch their show there, and also enjoying the city, right? 😀

      jeju island attract so many tourists well. they always said that it is beautiful, and i also curious with it 😀

      shopping and culinary! it’s a must do thing, when you go to other country kkk~

      sure! we can do those things someday, so let’s save our money and make one of our dreams come true kkk~

      thanks for sharing, dear^^

  64. I Love Korea kikiki ~~ ♥

  65. I Love Korea ><

  66. First ~ Eat all kinds of korean food specially Kimchi ❤ then visit JYP building ❤ then hiking in everywhere there 🙂

  67. My top 3

    1 meet my oppa=)
    2 go shopping
    3 eat some of korean food.

    And thanks for your article)

  68. 3 Thing I’ll do : 1. Enjoy The Korean Street Night & Famous Beautiful Places in Korea esp. Seoul. 2. Visiting all the office entertainment & I wanna meet my bias ♥. 3. Han river & Jeju Island (and I wish Choi Minho will accompany me 😀 LOL)

  69. 1. Eat korean food specially Kimchi
    2. Listen tradicional korean music and maybe learn a little bit how to play :P, and go to a concert of modern music (pop o jazz)
    3. Go to a spa , i read that korea have the best spas in the world

  70. iwant meet superjunior+i want meet super junior+iwant meet super junior^^thank you

  71. 1. Meet Seohyun + YongHwa
    2. Food!! well there’s a lot i want to try.. lol
    3. Shopping

  72. the 3 things I want to do in KOREA:

    1. I want to see all K-POP (especially to my favorite k-pop idol which is CNBLUE & SNSD ❤ Yong & Hyun)
    2. I want to visit their famous places at SEOUL KOREA
    3. try their food and go shopping ^_^

    (Myungdong <– I want to that place) hehe

  73. 1. I want to learn Korean culture more.
    2. Wanna meet Super Junior there. (><)
    3. Shopping and Eat~~

  74. OH~ I’am hungry Kkkkkk

    Korea food is interesting & delicious ^^

    3 things i want to do in Korea

    1. Eat Eat Eat Eat hahahaha

    2. I want to go to Gangwon-do, PUSAN, Myeongdong

    and 3 Try to find my our boys♥ SJ 2PM and CNBlue

  75. If I were you I ‘ll do
    1.Enjoy the Korean Street Night & Famous Places especially Meangdong Market.
    2.Try to some of their food.
    3.Wearing Hanbok~

    and the last thing, I want to visit to the ‘Kona bean’ and ‘Handel and Gretel’ coffee shop. You may meet super junior’s family in the shop XD

  76. 1. i want enjoying korean street night
    2. i want go to super juniors’ parent store
    3. i wanna meet super junior and cnblue

  77. TOP 3 things i want to do in Korea:

    1. go find GIRLS’ GENERATION~~~ and i won’t go home until i get to see them….. xDDD
    2. Wear a Hanbok! it’s cute~
    3. Go shopping! for sure there’s plenty of SNSD collectibles for sale in Korea…have to buy! ^^

  78. 1 – Wearing hanbok
    2 – Go to Lotte World
    3 – Eat everything there that halal in Korea ..

    But the most important thing is go either SBS or KBS to stalk SHINee !!!!!!!!!

  79. -I want to meet SHINee & Super Junior
    – I want enjoy my vacation in Seoul with them ;;)
    – Visit jeju island and namsan tower 🙂
    DONE :))

    1-i want go to 2pm apartment & meet them !
    2-making kimchi & try all of korean food
    3-wearing hanbok with 2pm ^O^

  81. wow~! because of Korean phenomenon many people love all Korean culture =) hhhmm…. Korea love by all people =) hopely one fine day you all can come here
    [South Korea] =)

    • whoaa, another korea visitor! annyeong^^

      your country have to many things to be loved, and i admit that Kpop have so much influence in it 😀
      sure will do!
      i will go to your country asap! should we meet there?
      be my tour guide, please^^

  82. Uhhmm … I think I wanna visit “Little Manila” in South Korea ,if ever it is still there and I wanna have Full House 2012 with suju ^^

    • wow, i just know about the “Little Manila” in Seoul.
      just realize, too many things that i really don’t know about Korea X(
      thanks for your information, i gain my knowledge about it^^

      full house? the korean drama? >,<

  83. 1. SNSD….SNSD….meet SNSD~~! and stalk them if possible! 😀
    2. eat Kimchi~~ i’m pretty curious of the taste…..
    3. visit Jeju Island~~ (it would be awesome if i could go there with SNSD) 😛

  84. 3 things that I will do if I’m in Korea are:

    1) Street shopping at Myungdong at night
    2) Walk by Han river at night
    3) Exploring Jeju Island 🙂

    2 of them are at night, so what can I do during the day? ermm. go to Lotte World, or live broadcasts maybe :))

  85. I would like to visit ALL their places of interests ❤ Their cultural places, religious places etc. I would definitely want to learn Korean too! I eant to know more about what kind of festivals they celebrate too (: Traditional costumes and games. It's a never ending list actually! I wanna learn how to make Korean food and eat most of them :B Go to villages and help people out, mix around with Koreans. SERIOUSLY I have so many things I wanna do there! And ofc, meet Running Man if possible. 😛 ❤

    • exactly same with me!
      too many things to list down, and sure wanna do all of them
      meet running man cast, and play with them too! it would be so fun kkk~

      thanks for sharing^^

  86. 1 visit my Oopa and staying , singing , dancing , and having a lot of fun Together

    especially going to karyoki room

    2 eating in small booth on the road

    3 Exploring seoul by walking in it with a bag on my Shoulder

    • Oh, I agree with your 3rd point 😀
      I also wanna do the backpacker things, but language is one of the barrier.
      I hope I can do that to explore Korea more ;p

      Thanks for your sharing^^

      • yeah language is a problme but i learning korean Now and i can speak english so it’s good

        we’ll do it in someday .. i hope that

        U R welcome ❤

  87. 1.Visit all entertainment company
    2. visit all Dorms of my biases.LOL
    3. Explore Jeju Island

  88. 1. Visit SM entertainment building, KBS building, SBS building and all dorms of my biases (Super Junior & Beast) :”>
    2. Visit all famous places, such as: Han river, Myungdong, the highest tower in Seoul, Namdaemun market… 😡
    3. Taste all kinds of Korean food =P~

  89. Myeongdong is a great place for shopping!!
    I’ll go to the restaurants where idols open~
    I’ve been to LEESANG Kang Gary’s but sadly he’s not there. Tried to find HaHa’s but it’s really difficult to find his restaurant in Hongdae.
    I want to go to the Everland/Neverland theme park (idk what’s the actual name). I’ve been to lotte world but it’s kind of boring inside..

    • Wow, how’s Gary’s restaurant? I see it in Running Man before.
      Will put their restaurants on my list. I’ve the informations how to get there from @RunningManCast’s tweet 😀
      Maybe I’ll post it later ㅋㅋㅋ

      Seriously? but still wanna visit Lotte World! ㅋㅋㅋ
      And yes, Everland is a must! 😀

      Thanks for your recommendation^^

  90. I think you should visit :

    – Korean street’s Anyang

    – Myeongdong

    – and BUSANNNN !! ^_^

  91. 3 things I want when I go to Korea:

    -Travel the famous streets of Korea
    -Eat Korean Foods
    -Visit the JYPE building cuz i want to meet 2PM ^^

  92. If I have an opportunity to go to Korea I’d like to

    1. Waiting for 2PM in front of JYPE building.
    2. Waiting for 2PM at dunkin donuts.
    3. Waiting for 2PM at the back of JYPE building.

    hahahaha all I wanna do when I go there is only waiting for 2PM ^^

  93. If ever I get to S.Korea I would be taking lots of photos, for memories, of course. Take in all of the scenery and the people. I would definitely go for street foods, too and buy lots of beauty products XD. AND I would go to places where some K-artists I idolize hang out or go to, like their coffee shops and various broadcast stations ^^

  94. – visit SM Entertainment.. and meet all artist of SM Entertainment ^^
    – visit all of the famous place in korea
    -et deokbukki

    i really want to meet all of the member of SNSD ^^, || Go Girls Generation ;D ;D

  95. We only stayed for 4 days and, indeed, it was not enough! 2 things I regret, though: (1) I didn’t get to see 2PM and any K-drama star and (2) I was not able to go to JYPE office, thus, I didn’t get to see where my fave 2PM goes to practise and stuff.

    Visit the palaces, Namsan tower (and make sure you go to the teddy bear museum), enjoy the street food, and of course, shopping at Myeong Dong.

    Hope you get your chance soon (I hope I can, too)! Enjoy!

  96. 1. Making Kimchi
    2. Wearing Hanbok
    3. Enjoying Korean Street Night

  97. Woah ~ 3 Things I want to do in Korea? Hm. Let me Thinks :DD haha. First, I want to make KIMCHi xD and I want to eat Korean Spicy food:) Second? I want to visit a different Hierarchial Place in Korea 😀 and Third, I want to see a different star and kpop artist too :))) Can I add more? hahaha. I want to experience also the Snow and experience wearing Hanbok too xDD

  98. 1.see k’pop
    2.see k’pop
    3.see k’pop
    lol .. I wanna see my idol <3.

  99. Visit JYP, SM and YG building!!! hahaha walking around Hongdae, itaewo myeongdong. and taste every foods in korea 🙂

  100. Woaa. 3 things that most I want to do in Kora is…
    The 1st is Hunting Food kkk such as kimchi kimbab tteokbokki etc. So many food that I want to taste kkk.
    The second is.. Feel the korean culture with wearing hanbok, follow the tea ceremony, go to korean palace etc.
    And the third I want and really want meet 2PM and take a photograph in namsan tower kekekeke.
    Ah actually so many things that I want to do in Korea 🙂

  101. 1. Visit the different entertainment companies and look for my bias/es there. (e.g. Onew of SHINee, Taeyang of Bigbang, and Nichkhun and Wooyoung of 2pm)
    2. Visit the lovely places of SoKor such as the Namsan Tower and Banpo Bridge
    3. Try the foods (Tteokbokki! :DD)

  102. I LOVE 2PM >.<

  103. Thank you for sharing That is good.

    If I have a chance to go to Korea it is very usefull ^^

    Thank you again and again

  104. Well for my first top 3 mission in Korea if I back to Korea.
    1.I’m never to achieved for attend any music program such as Music Bank,Music core or Inkigayo so that my desired.
    2.i wanna back to Suwon (I can’t remember the name of palace’s Suwon) nice place and people very lovely even if I can’t speak Korean but they trying to on with me and my friends.
    3.and lastly don’t wanna miss an opportunity shopping the CD and DVD for support my fav.star at Myeongdong.

    • you already been to Korea? it must be fun since you want to go back there 😀

      me too!
      watch the Gayo Daejun show and spend the new year’s eve with kpop artist! ><

      thanks for your sharing^^

  105. 1. I wanna see my favorite Idols ” WONDER GIRLS ”
    2.Studying in Korea
    3.Visit JYP building

  106. i don’t has been to korea
    but if when i’ve chance gone to korea
    I want to do…
    1. making kimchiiiii.
    2. I will to try korea street food “tteokbokki”
    3. I like listen korean indie song and i love 2pm so, i want to meet 2pm at jyp ent.

  107. for me :
    1. walk around near ent company buildings (WoollimEnt, SMEnt) and visit them, also like everysing studio..
    2. visit places to eat, historical places, waterfalls, hiking.. ;P
    3. go live music shows and go noraebang!!! xDD

  108. I actuall haven’t been to South Korea but I frequently watch Korean drama series. The hambok really is a staple of Korean culture. I can die peacefully w/out ever tasting kimchi. And I think their royal palace look great. Follow me back on twitter!

  109. when i go to Korea ,i will go to Shop! at first and then i will enjoy all the important place that can tell me about korea in the past or something like that and the last it’s my destination to go there,K-pop concert!!!!! with my Idol “2PM” and JYP Nation….but maybe Korean can give you more than experience that you think and this place like a dream city where you’ve ever go before!!!!!

  110. Bagus ya…. Semoga nella dapet ya… Jadi laper liat makanannya

  111. Hanbok is a must Nel!! ^^ wanna buy one too.. but i heard it lil bit expensive T_T.
    Nice blog nell. GudLuck then 🙂

  112. 1. Go to meet Korean idol
    2. Eat Korean food
    3. Shopping~


  113. First thing I just want to visit sj dorm hahaha >…<
    second , I want to handel & gratel (yesung mom&dad coffee shop) kkkk
    and the last thing that I want to do is shopping at Dong dae mun

  114. I wanna to meet my favorite k-pop star (JKS,Bigbang,Cn blue ,..) ,enjoy korean street night and eat Korean food 🙂

  115. 1. Shopping

    HaHaHaHaHa XD have a good time ^^

  116. 1. go to => namsan tower, han river, teddy bear museum, and a lots of famous place in korea
    2. shopping at namdaemun market, myeong-dong, etc.
    3. watching music program (Music Bank, Mnet Countdown, Music Core, Inkigayo) and go to SMent building hohohho ^0^

  117. Recently went to Korea with my friends. It was really fun.
    Did almost everything I wanted to do there.

    1st – As an ELF, I’ve always wanted to visit all the places that are related to Super Junior. So, I’ve been there and done those. =D (Eg: SM Building, SJ dorm, Sukira, Kona Beans, H&G, Y Style, SPAO, etc.)
    2nd – Food & Beverages. Kimchi, BBQ, hotpot, street food, you name it. Even their flavored milks are awesome! I miss their banana milk… D=
    3rd – Visit Lotte World (Themed Park). It’s awesome! Went crazy with the pirate ship ride. >D

    – Shopping: Myeongdong, Namdaemun and Dongdaemun. Bring more money! =o
    – Visit historical sites like their palace. It’s really beautiful. Must see!
    – Visit their saunas like the ones you see in Korean dramas. But please be prepared to see naked people. ><! I was not prepared! Dx

    To everyone who wished to go Korea, I hope your wish will come true ASAP! =D

    • whoaa, really?
      did you meet any idols then?
      oh, i want to go to those entertainment office so bad, who knows i can meet my idols kkk~
      banana milk on the list! :p
      Lotte World already on the list too! 😀

      LOL we should shopping wisely XD
      seriously? really full naked? ><

      thanks for your wish^^
      and thanks for your sharing too^^~

      • I saw Sungmin, Ryeowook and EXID coz I went to Sukira (Kiss The Radio).
        Also got to meet Yesung’s brother and his parents, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk’s mum~ =D
        While on my way to SM Building, my friend and I crossed path with Infinite’s Hyungsik. LOL!
        Totally unexpected!

        And yes, you’ll really see full naked people in the sauna D=! But of coz it’s in the washroom. Hahaha xD

      • Wow, you are so damn lucky!
        Do you ask them to take some pictures together?
        Oh, I guess I will spend ɑ day to walk around JYPE office when I go to Korea LOL
        Who knows I can get ɑ chance to see them too XD

        Hahaha it would be awkward and shocking, I bet X)

  118. 3 things i’ll do in korea:
    1).shopping at Myeongdong or korean street at night!
    2).going to Lotte world
    3).watch kpop’s live proformance to visit EXOK!!! especially chanyeol (rapper of exok) hopefully can give my spacial present for him
    I wanna go to korea so bad!!! 😦 xx

  119. 3 things I’ll do in Korea :

    Buy Goods (2NE1, BIGBANG, G.G and more XD)
    Watch Live Perf. (I love SISTAR, 4minute !)

    And last one…

    SHOPPING !!! hahaha

  120. Eating seaweed and kimchi
    Meet SHINee
    Practice korean

  121. I’ve already experienced making Kimchi and wearing a Hanbok when I went to Korea last year. And I’m too young to go clubbing so….lol

    But there are still stuff I’d like to do:

    1) I would definitely, definitely, definitely, go to Music Core.

    Firstly, the MCs…<3 Haha and of course there are a bunch of artists performing which is a bonus since I can cheer for all of them and shout my lungs out! :3

    2) SHOPPING!!

    Shopping in Seoul was AWESOME. I was able to find anything and everything there! Especially Myungdong…Oh god..SPAO.. ;~;


    Seriously people, they sell the best chicken. They put KFC to shame really. There's a scarcity of Goobne Chicken shops in Korea since they mostly do delivery but I manage to find one near the hotel I was staying at.

    The guy who was working there was so nice! Although we did have quite a hard time communicating, we were still able to converse a bit with the limited Korean I knew and the limited English he knew haha

    Also, while we were talking, my Mum was talking about how I went there cos I was a fan of SNSD and then the guy went to the front of the store (they had stuff every where on a few tables and only like 3 tables available lol) and gave me a set of SNSD posters (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yyDO9aJWtGs/TK_NKr4wY4I/AAAAAAAAFi4/q37sENDuiHU/s1600/101009.jpg Yes, the whole set) as well as 1 SNSD mug (http://cdn2.mixrmedia.com/rewardcenter/ningin/125-snsd-goobne-2010-tumbler-cup.jpg) after hearing that I was a fan. He was also full of smiles while serving us and did his best to cater to us!

    And of course, because the food and service were awesome, I went back for the next 2 days (which was also my last 2 days in Korea) for lunch~ Keke, I wonder if he remembers me if I do go back again! It's unfortunate that I only found that shop 3 days before I left though, if not I definitely would've eaten more 😦

    • whoa, your story is so interesting!
      i agree with your point one! go to music core, or any music shows that they have which also match with my schedule.
      or maybe i would empty my schedule trip just for watch the music show and do the fanchant!
      gosh, i’m too overexcited right now kkk~

      then Goobne Chicken is just an excuse to meet that guy again? XD
      you should ask his email, kakaotalk or any messenger you can kkk~
      hei, do you get those posters and mug for free???
      aww, you are so damn lucky, dear!
      i wish i can get a set of poster, autograph and 2PM stuff! for free too! and see them too kkk~

      what shop is it? maybe i would visit it if i can go there.
      and let him know that he have a fan :p

      anyway, thanks for your sharing, appreciate it so much^^

  122. 1.Meet 2AM
    2. shopping at Myeongdong or korean street at night!
    3.Eat Korean food

    2.) BUY ALL THE KPOP ALBUMS and MERCHANDISE /yes no shipping fee anymore
    3.) Hopefully can meet at least one group from Kpop industry

    • LOL then you have charged much before with those shipping fee?
      guess that you have a lot of kpop album and merchandise? kkk~

      ahh, meet kpop idol is like a dream come true LOL

      thanks for your sharing^^

  124. 3 things i’ll do in korea:
    1).shopping at Myeongdong or korean street at night!
    2).going to Lotte world
    3).go to lotte world adventure

    5555 the idea of children

  125. 3 things?
    watch a concert (i don’t care whose)
    meet an idol… hehe

    • LOL me too, i don’t care who is the idol cause it will be great if we can watch them live in Korea!! kkk~
      but i do wanna watch 2PM live performance so bad XD

      thanks for sharing^^

  126. whoaaa really wanna go to there~~ >w<
    what i will do in korea.. *sigh*
    -explore all places in korea.. anywhere! river, museum, neorebang, club, tower, ect
    -shopping!! lol i have to do this thing.. kekeke
    -watch idol groups performance live.. and in music bank, etc

    • you summarize it well!
      it’s an all in one package that you just mention!
      and those things are the best 😀

      travelling and watching live performance of kpop idol is a must kkk~

      thanks for sharing^^~

  127. 1. Visit a Jimjjilbang and drink lots of sikhae~
    2. Order jajjangmyeon for home delivery!
    3. Attend KPOP Music Shows ❤

  128. 안녕하세요! 세리나 입니다~

    1. Sightsee & shop shop shop! ^^
    2. Wear hanbok (you’re absolutely right! They’re adorable. I just have to try wearing it!)
    3. Immersing myself in the Korean culture to get the full experience. (Try to speak the language, etc.)

    It’s so hard to choose the top 3! Because when you’re in a new place, you just want to do everything and see everything! 네? 히히 ~^^

    • 안녕, 세리나 !! ^^
      yes, i also wanna do learn the language when i get there.
      it will be more fun if we can talk with Korean people using hangeul 😀
      i also heard that Korean people will be impress with us if we can speak with them in Korean language

      so, you have been there?
      it must be a fun trip!! XD

      thanks for sharing, dear^^~

  129. What I’ll do:
    1. Meet Block B in personal/visit/watch their performances/get their autograph or picture
    2. Eat in a pojjang namcha at night and visit Hongdae
    3. Visit historical places in Korea while eating their famous icecream brand

  130. 1- go to live performance + showcases
    2- shopping
    3- eating korean food
    4- flirting looooool !

  131. 3 Things I’ll do when I go to Korea:
    1.) Meet 2NE1, BLOCK B & BIG BANG
    2.) Eat Korean Food
    3.) Go to shopping malls

  132. wow!! me too! I want do many things >w<
    but.. 1) visit the company YG!!xD (for meet my artist favorites *o*)
    2) I will go a live concert *W*
    3) try the traditional food~~

  133. 1)shopping
    2)wear kanbok
    3)see my beloved artis

  134. Things I wanna do when I finished landing my feet on Korea and screaming in excitement :D. 1. Go out for some spicy chicken Maybe I’ll take some photos 😀

    • take photos is a must, dear.
      your trip would not be fun without any documentation 😀

      they said that Korean has the best chicken, and i’m curious with that too kkk~

      thanks for your comment and visit^^

  135. A. See “Inkigayo”. B. See IU’s first solo concert. C. All the other regular tourist stuffs!

    • then we must match out trip time with IU’s concert 😀
      but yes, i also wanna watch some of idols live performance there *finger cross*

      thanks for your visit and comment^^

  136. A. Eat Mexicana chicken and get a cool IU puzzle. B. Buy Hooroorook noodles and steal the display. C. Visit The Saem Cosmetics and steal their display, too!

  137. 1.I want to wear hanbok.
    2.see performance of my favorite artists
    3.walk around Seoul city

  138. they look so cute in traditional clothes! 😀 ❤ @MsAllyPally (from twitter :)) )

  139. This is quite hard since you only required the top 3 things you wanna do once you’re in Korea… Hmmmmm…
    1.) Food Hunting. *Tasting all kind of foods in the Korean Street Night.* 😀
    2.) Visit the famous places include Music Industries’ Building
    2.) Amusement Park or we call it the “Lotte World”.

    • haha i know, 3 are not enough.
      my list just keep getting longer and longer too XD
      yours are mine too! kkk~
      i also want to do those things that you just mention

      anyway, thanks for sharing^^

      • Exactly! :3
        There’s just a lot of things to do once arrive in Korea.. Maybe 1 month vacation at there would be enough. Lol xD
        And you’re welcome! ^_^

      • kkk~ 1 month will be enough, and as i get back to my homeland, i should work hard cause i already bankrupt with that 1-month-holiday kkk~

        but seriously, it would be nice if i can explore each city and places at korea ^3^
        *digging up any treasure first LOL

        nice to know you, Jojo^^~

  140. Yeay,,!!! I want 3 of them too,,,

    Korean food, hanbox, and enjoy the night,,,

    Plus,,,I want to meet my idol in person,,​:OŎő:OŎő:OŎő:O,,,

  141. A. Meet my korean penpals.
    B. Wear hanbok
    C. See my favorite kpop groups! ❤

    I have lots of things in mind, but those are my top 3. I wanna see Namsan Tower, eat korean street foods and many more! 😀

  142. Yeahhh~ from twitter hahaa

    I really want to go to SMentertainment building to see Girls’ Generation kkekeke
    And go shopping at Myeongdong,Namdamun market
    last~ see live performance (music core inkigayo mcountdown …)

    Thank you<3<3

  143. 1. Eat the street vender food
    2. Visit Jeju Island
    3. See the street life

  144. the first thing i will visit SMent building to see my fav korean idol group. then go shopping at SM everysing store to buy some my fav idol group official goods. and last thing i wanna try some popular dishes of Korea at night ^^

  145. When I go to Korea, I want to go shopping in Seoul, visit a theme park (Lol, I’m a 20 year old tgat lives theme parks! XD) and of course.. I want to meet (one of) my idols!! ^^

  146. As for me, there are 3 places I want to visit.
    1) Apgujeong-dong>> It’s in Gangnam, Seoul. Celebrity spot! Food, shops, residents… Fancy fancy ones are all here! This is the place where Siwon will be there for sure ^^

    2) Tired of imagining how tasty Yesung’s family restaurant’s food could be, I will of course take a seat inside “Handel and Gretel” in the morning. Enjoying Espresso and sandwich for breakfast won’t be bad to begin my day.

    3) Jeju Island. I just can’t skip this marvelous place! Bright sky, moist wind, white sand alongside the beach.. Just too good to be true. 🙂

    Ah, I’ll make it come true one day. ^__^

    • ahh I also want to meet Siwon there ㅋㅋㅋ
      And my other favorite idol XD

      Sure it will come true!
      Even though it might be little bit hard to meet our idol, but who knows we would be so lucky that day :p

      Thanks for your sharing^^

  147. 1) Meet kpop stars (SHINee, UKISS, Infinite, Teen Top, etc…
    2) Eat (I LOVE FOOD!)
    3) For the expirience

  148. 3 things I want to do if I visit Korea..
    – Hopefully can meet all 2PM members and take a walk with them..
    – Visit Jeju Island with Wooyoung – 2PM and culinary with him..
    – I wanna wear Hanbok..

  149. 1. Meet Super Junior
    2. Wear a Hanbok
    3. Visit SJ’S DORM

    ❤ I'm an ELF

  150. Wahh..i’m also hoping that i could go to Korea one day ^^

  151. 3 things I want to do in Korea.
    1.I want to place in Korea. shopping and eat , wear hanbok (:
    2.want to visit the building SME and KBS building (kiss the radio) . I hope to meet SUPER JUNIOR kkk ><
    3.One day,I must go to Kona Beans and Yesung’s family restaurant food .

    Ahh,If I can do. I was very happy. ^__^

    • if you’re an ELF and already at Korea, sure you must visit Kona Beans and Handel & Gretel kkk~
      even i’m not an ELF, i also wanna visit those restaurants 😀

      sure you can do it!!^^
      thanks for sharing^^


    I wanna go go go!! hahaa

  153. wow 22 ingredients to make a kimchi, daebak

    good luck for you ^^
    visit my blog too >> http://www.vintaayuwijaya.wordpress.com

  154. well, if i get the chance to go to Korea, well here are the things i’ll probably do:

    1. go to the Entertainment Companies that holds or manages my top favorite groups such as JYP, YG, SM, CUBE and Core Contents. and hope to see my favorite artists there.

    2. Enjoy the streets of Korea! Street fairs, try the street foods. oh or maybe, visit the places where K-Dramas were shot!

    3. BUY KPOP MERCHANDISE! from albums to posters, photocards, keychains, and stuffs like that! I wouldn’t dare miss that part. Hahaha :))

  155. Since I’ll be going to Korea to be an exchange student for the fall semester, here is my top 3 to-do-list when I get there:
    1. Wear any Korean traditional costume while eating local cuisine.
    2. Go to Namsam Tower and leave a padlock there ❤
    3. Search where Kirin Art High School in Dream High is located and have a picture with the area.

    • wow, really?
      i also want to feel the exchange student, envy you X(
      but good luck with your study!^^

      and since you’ll be live there for some moment, then i guess, your top-3-to-do will came true in a second! kkk~
      and please do share what other things you do when you get there, okay?
      i wanna hear a lot from you^^

      thanks for visit and comment^^

      • Nee~ keep in touch with twitter!

        I’m planning to create a blog for my Korea trip! Visit that too when it’s ready 😀

      • yes, you must create a blog to share your journey there!
        tell me when it’s done, and i’ll sure follow your blog^^

        anyway, how can you get that great chance? is it a scholarship or else?

  156. I would like to do a lot of things in Korea but I’ll put only 3 (:
    3 things I MUST DO in Korea
    1.Go to JYP Entertainment and see my 2PM and miss A ♥
    2. Go shopping to Seoul and eat ice-cream, in the dramas it looks really yummi ^^’
    3. Buy K-pop and dramas merchandaising!!! I definitely spend ALL my money in that xD

    • agree with point 1!
      agree with point 2!
      agree with point 3! but i will think twice to spend all my money XD
      i love culinary more, then i guess i’ll spending money for food kkk~

      thanks for your sharing^^

  157. 1. Buying KPOP Merchandise! :)) *especially CNBLUE*
    2. Visit drama locations or Agencies etc.
    3. Meet CNBLUE or any Idol! Watch them in a Music Show or See a Concert perhaps~


    • Hi BOICE!!^^

      I also wanna with them, especially Yong Hwa! Kkk~
      They are so cool when on stage and having their performance 😀

      Hope you can meet them when you go there 😀
      And thanks for sharing^^

      • Same here! I’m a Yong Hwa fan! 🙂 Super cool! they really give their best whenever they perform! Yes, I’m hoping to meet them one of these days! 🙂 No Problem 🙂

  158. I definitely would buy a hanbok, would go to Jeju Island and look for a oppa .. ok no
    I would like a oppa take me through the streets on his back

  159. 3 thing i would to do in Korea which are :-
    -see the beautiful and romantic night at HAN river with cruise,
    -shopping in Seoul and to be update the latest fashion
    – spend time with 2PM, 2AM, MISS A ,SNSD at Amusement and Theme parks

  160. my top 3 things to do in south korea would be.. umm..
    – try to catch up with HaHa oppa himself :p
    – live like korean (eating toppoki, jjajangmyun, capssalddeok etc, then go to sauna),
    – strolling around south korea from the main town to the rural one, taking pictures.
    ps: i wish i could try soju for a bit. just curious. but my faith won’t let me to do so. i guess i’ll buy soju as souvenir 😀

    • you are HaHa fans, then?
      you should go visit his restaurant too! i have post the guide to get there XD

      ahh, i see^^
      it might be better just to buy it as souvenir, but sometimes the airport area is too strict for that X(
      thanks for your sharing^^

      • i am! i’m considering myself as one of his bigest fan. LOL
        yea yea, i’ve just figured out your posting bout oppa’s resto. will definitly keep it. it would be useful, as if one day i can go to korea 😉

      • Me toooo!
        And playing that running man games on his restaurant hahahhaha
        Asik yah klo bisa main di jakarta X)

      • reading your must try korean dishes’ post and figure out that you came from jakarta. ehaloo, ngobrol pake bahasa aja yaa. ahahaha mendadak girang ginih ketemu yang bisa diajak berbahasa di belantara dunia maya *halah 😀

      • LOL orang jakarta juga? Kkk~
        Jarang bgt yah ketemu orang indo di dunia maya X)
        Seneng juga deh hahaha
        Salam kenal yah^^

        Thanks for visiting 😀

  161. WOW your article is so good ^^ thanks for the informations

  162. I wanna try those things also.
    I wanna watch a live Kpop concert.
    Search for IU and have a picture with her.
    Audition for an Entertainment company. LOL! haha
    And try those street drinking, like what i always see on Korean TV series where they get drunk under a tent-like beerhouse.

    • wow, audition for entertainment company??
      you have some talent, then?
      try it! who knows you will pass and get a chance to be their trainee ^^

      anyway, thanks for sharing^^

      • I think it’s really hard to pass a Kpop audition. But, if given the chance to audition, then i will. Haha and i’ll do my very best. Though i know i won’t pass.
        I really wanna experience the trainings they give to their idols! I am a Kpop fan!!! ;))

      • even though it might be hard, but having experiences for participate in audition, especially in korea, is a rare chance.
        at least, you should try it! 😀

        yes, i heard that the trainee process are hard and not easy X(
        but after all, it’s all worth it to try 😀

        tell me if you have any chance and pass it.
        i might be your supporter XD

  163. I want to wear hanbok,
    south korea eating traditional foods and trips to famous places especially Jeju Island!!
    I REALLY want to get there !!!! ):

  164. wearing hanbok,
    south korea eating traditional foods and trips to famous places especially Jeju Island!!
    I REALLY want to get there !!!! ):

  165. Here are my top 5
    1- wear hanbok.
    2- go to amusement park.
    3- meet Lee Min Ho.
    4- walk in korea street, and visit drama scenes.
    5- go to IU’s concert and 2PM, 2NE1, BigBang, F(x), beast,

  166. 1. go to SM Ent or another places where I can meet girl’s generation
    2. shopping at Myung-Dong
    3. learn korean language,culture,life style

  167. 1. i want to enjoy eating korea food >///<

    • 2. go to SM Building and EverySing and enjoy to shopping snsd goods.
      3. I want to shopping in Myeongdong. ^^

      i don’t know why my first comment is lost TT TT

  168. 1 i want go to meet SJ!
    2.i like wether at korea!
    3. I love shopping at myeongdong

  169. many many want in korea….
    1. Go to meet my love
    2. Go to shopping at myeongdong, Doota and buy all ~~
    3. stay in korea 1 year or more 🙂

  170. Wear hanbok? Hell yeah! XD but all i wanna do is meet my bias 🙂

  171. ~>woahhh..ur comment box is waaaaayyyyyy below..lol ^^
    ~>u know what, u’ve just pointed the main 3 things i want to do in korea..lol ^^
    ~>i really want to learn on how to make a good kimchi, because i cousin’s mother-in-law is a korean and she said, not many can really make a good kimchi~ XD
    ~>and hanbok, of course!! i really want to wear it and walk around in it..lol..people must be thinking i’m crazy~~ lol ^^
    ~>and rather than the night in korea, i want to go to han river and building 64 XD
    ~>and these locations are A MUST for me: sm building, kbs sukira, handel and gretel, kona beans, k-story, sbs star king, ahh, i want to go anywhere that is related to suju! lol ^^

    • LoL guess I’m too much asking comment and replying those kkk~
      Will try to find a way if I can move it up X)

      I do really wanna make those things come true!
      Should we do it together? XD
      I also wanna visit places that you just mention, it will be a great trip 😀

      Thanks for sharing^^

  172. 1. Meet K-POP stars and the Running Man Cast! Example, Joongki, BigBang, Jong Kook, Kwangsoo, etc.
    2. Visit the SBS Running Man building!
    3. Try the hanbok!

  173. you know what , I just wanna meet Running Man if I can go to Korea . Haha

  174. 🙂 thx for the tag in twitter.. My top 3 will be : wearing hanbok, meet runningman, and eat grilled beef 🙂 and ofkoz i will go for shopping and saloon as well haha

    • i guess, we should also playing running man with them! tearing off their name tag would be fun kkk~

      saloon? LOL that’s rare idea X)
      your hair would be korean style, since you have your hair cut and stylish by korean people X)

      anyway, thanks for sharing^^

  175. 1. Go to meet kim heechul and super junior.
    2. Go to myeongdong.
    3. Go to kiss the radio.

  176. I agree that with two of them….
    i wanna learn how to make kimchi too because i sometimes find that those kimchi i ate be4 are a bit bitter or spicy…wanna learn how to adjust the spice taste!!!!
    Wow i wanna enjoy korean Street Night tooooooo~wanna eat Ddeokbokki, Jajangmyeon and drink soju too!!!
    And of cos..wanna go to Music core or Mnet comeback stage to see my fav kpop grp cb stage or watching concert !!!!
    Do u agree? 🙂

    • sure i’m agree! 😀
      i also want to watch the live music show and watch my idol’s comeback, and do the fanchant kkk~
      who is your fav kpop group, anyway?

      and thanks for sharing^^

  177. 3 thing to do in korea for me.The first I want eat tokpokki.I hope meet 2PM.finally Korean street night.

  178. Here are my Top 3:

    1. Visit Haha oppa’s Pal Jal Mak Chang restaurant and see if I can meet him there! And not forgetting Leessang’s restaurant too!
    2. Hope to meet all the Running Man & Muhan Dojeon cast! Stalk them on Mondays when they are filming!
    3. Shopping, eating and sight-seeing! I wanna buy a Hanbok!

  179. 1.go to see SJ concert
    2.go to Exo-k fan sign
    3.go to see SMtown concert kkkkkk

  180. 1. shopping in myeongdong Dongdaemun XD *basic trip kkkk*
    2. see tvxq concert in seoul olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
    3. Travel around Seoul at night (I like street snack tent very much ^^)

  181. Agree with 2 of 3 things u wanna do ^^
    1. Wearing Hanbok
    2. Go to see some famous places such as JYP Ent. =)) , Hongdae and Myeongdong streets by night..etc
    3. Go to see my boys :((
    Lol..lots of things to do when I travel to Kor..but I think it’s impossible 😦

    • why impossible?
      i think, although we can’t make all those things came true, but we can have a great travel to Korea, one day 😀
      fighting! ^^

      and thanks for sharing, JunSis kkk~

  182. 1) Shopping around Dongdaemun, Myeongdong & more wonderful places. ^^
    2) Try out th Bungee Jumping & lotte world. Which alot of Idols will go. XD
    3) Visit N Seoul Tower & Entertainments 😀

  183. Wow, Love it!! (^..^)b i like Hanbok! But actually i love Japan.. Kekekeke

  184. Korean street 가고싶어…ㅎㅎㅎ

  185. i wont to try eat kimchi, tteokbokki and SAMGYETANG
    i wont to take very much a photo go to seol meet my idol 2pm….

  186. Hey….yes this is amazing…to me Hanbok & roaming around korean street nights is a must,there are so many things i wanna try & if i start thinking about it …i think my mind will be jammed…XD….so if i’m to add a third one it would be …attending the “Gag concert” show..it’s hilarious..thanks & hope we’d both go & meet there maybe??!! 안녕…^.^

    • sureeee! why not?
      let’s go and explore korea together, should we arrange our time together?
      having plan to go there yet?
      contact me through email, please kkk~

      thanks for comment^^

  187. Korea is well-known for it’s food . So it’s a must to try them all ! I want to taste jjajangmyeon xD hahaa gibimbap too ? i mean they sound so delicious ! Me too ! HANBOK is beautiful .

  188. Awesome .. Guess you’re Korean ?

  189. Woahhh~ interesting story! Daebak!! Since I love Korean pop. I want to go to Korea. Thats my dream. Ohoh kimchi yummy~ ddeobokki is a junk food. Oh no my stomach! 😐 I should taste it…

  190. I really like it ^^

  191. Thank you for posting this, this can also be really helpful for people who doesn’t know much about Korean culture. If I went to Korea, yes of course I have to eat all fo those food I see in a movies, liki bibimbap, kalbi, bulgogi, etc. I want to go to Han river, which many many movies take place, dongdaemun, and myeongdong.

    • Glad if this post is useful 😀

      Having culinary experience when we go to other country is a must!
      And yes, Han River also feels good and romantic^^
      Not forget the market place too~

      Thanks for your comment^^

  192. The 1st place I really wanna visit is Dongdaemun. Shopping Palace ;p

  193. wanna try some kimbap too 😦

  194. nice info, i like it.
    do you like Girls Generation? or you just like boyband only? i hope you like SnSd hihihi
    you from korea?Seoul?
    follow me @Depein_L i will follow you

    • i’m not a true sone, but i love watching them and hear their song too~
      their new sub group is nice too 😀

      and i’m not from Korea, i’m Indonesian ^^
      sure, will follow you back, nice to meet you~
      thanks for visiting anyway^^~

  195. 3 Things I want to do are: 1. Eat ddeokbukki along the cold streets of Seoul, 2. Snow boarding in a Ski Resort, and lastly want to try fishing in Jeju Island and eat the fish I caught while drinking soju.. 🙂

  196. whoa ! this is cool !! i also want to try these things when i got a chance to visit Korea .. as a fan girl, i guess, the top 3 activities that i wanna do there is of course, first, go to JYPE building, meet 2pm .. second, go to Busan (which is the hometown of my bias) and try finding those octopus that i’ve once watched on a variety show .. third is to relax at jeju island .. but of course, there’s a lot more !!!

  197. Hi, there! My name is Michelle, and I’m a Korean-American who’s fluent in both languages.
    I’m here to praise you for doing a job well done on your blog! Your articles are very interesting, and I appreciate your love for Korean culture. I love it too. 😛 Anyways, I run an English-written K-pop-based blog, so if you’re interested (and anyone else who loves K-pop), I’d love for you to visit it. Here’s the link:
    Thanks, and good luck!

    • awww, thankyou^^
      where do you live now? korea or america?
      you must be so pretty^^

      sure, will visit your blog and bookmark it 😀
      thankyou dear, and good luck for you too 🙂

  198. Await i there

  199. 1. I want to meet my korean idols!
    2. I want to buy albums and kawaii stuff and make-up. So I’ll shop!
    3. I want to try their foods!!!

    hehehe >♥<

  200. 1. I want to meet my korean idols!
    2. I want to buy albums and kawaii stuff and make-up. So I’ll shop!
    3. I want to try their foods!!!

  201. Good day! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you’ve
    gotten here on this post. I will probably be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

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