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[SHARING] 3 will-and-must try korean dishes – TOUCH KOREA TOUR


annyeong~ ^^

at first, this article was made for TOUCH KOREA TOUR contest that held by Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia) and buzz Korea ^^

but despite of contest, this post can also take as a sharing and exchange mind with you readers hehe

cause i wanna hear other’s opinion too about Korea culture, culinary, and places that should be visited when i go to South Korea:D it’s Hallyu wave~

my first post is about 3 dishes that i would like to try in Korea!
I have not go to Korea yet, so this like my wish list LOL
Actually, there are a lot of korean original taste that I want to try
But I will only post the top 3 😉


everyone who love Korea, must be know about this food. it is a street snack that made of rice cake and have spicy taste.

i guess, it is a must-try-snack when you go to Korea because it’s like their traditional food.

every time i watch Korea drama or variety show, tteokbokki always there LOL

i love spicy! besides of the taste, teokbokki is 2PM Junsu’s favorite dishes kkk~

from what I know, you can find teokbokki easily. And some people, sell it with noodles, cheese, fish cake.
I read that there’s a lot of variation nowadays. But I only want to try the original one!

I have tried teokbokki at some Korean Restaurant in Jakarta. They are so difference; taste, looks and the mix of vegetables too.

actually, i have tried to make one with original seasoning that i bought from Korean market here.

the taste is not bad, maybe closely to the one that i’ve try on Korean restaurant :p

here is my Ahome made tteokbokki^^ i mixed it with noodles too kkk~

korea tourism organization, hallyu wave, tteokbokki, wisata korea selatan

will share the recipe later 🙂


black soybean paste noodle! it is also a famous Korean dishes~

watch every K-drama, and you will see this yummy noodle 😀

do I have to tell you, why I want to try this food so much?
they said that jajangmyeon is the famous delivery dishes in Korea. and i really curious with the original taste

i only tried the instant one, although the taste isn’t bad but it must be different from the original.
the instant one that I eat wasn’t spicy, the noodles are big and I guess I wrong mixed the ingredients because they don’t look right XD

i never order this when i go to Korean restaurant. Don’t know if there’s any too.


a whole young chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice and boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, dried seeded jujube fruits,garlic, and ginger. Depending on the recipe, other medicinal herbs such as wolfberry (gugija), Codonopsis pilosula (dangsam), and Angelica sinensis (danggwi) may also be added.” – wikipedia

sounds healthy? since Korea is famous with their ginseng, i guess i must try the original one.

healthy food from country that famous with their medical herbs, cooking with secret recipes, eating at the specific days on summer~ *i google it first kkk~

even i don’t really like ginseng, but if i go to Korea, i will try it for sure.

and once again, it’s a recommended food from 2PM’s Nickhun kkk~

posting food at night isn’t a right thing, i do feel hungry right now, and i’m on my diet T.T

but when the times come to visit Korea, diet is on pause program LOL

well, those are 3 foods or dishes that i WILL TRY when i go to Korea^^

do you have other recommended food/dishes? feel free to comment, gomawo^^~

and please visit my other post about top-3-want-to-do in korea, thankyouu^^


Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

116 thoughts on “[SHARING] 3 will-and-must try korean dishes – TOUCH KOREA TOUR

  1. the jjangmyeon pics really makes me drool.. hahaha.. oo.. of course u have to try samgyupsal.. really mashita… :p

  2. I want ddeokbokki! eating it at night on a crowded street of seoul.. ah.. is a must to do!

  3. em so delicious~~ kkk xD

  4. It all looks so tasty ~ ! I’m getting hungry although it’s really late here haha… Thanks for posting, I shared it to the blog since many readers like to try and cook Korean and Asian food ❤

    • Yes, me too. I always drooling everytime I see those pics haha
      Anw you give me the idea to share the recipe of tteokbokki that I already tried. Will post it later and let you know ^^

      • Thank you very much too! I followed so then I will see the post when it appears. You actually tried a recipe? Wow! Yes please share it with us 🙂

      • Thanks for the follow^^ surely will follow you back 🙂
        Yes, I tried it before although the ingredients are not complete, but still taste good *in my opinion kkk~

  5. it all looks soo yummy!! *nomnomnom* XD seriously, i always want to try Tteokbokki !! bcuz it’s Junsu’s fave! Thanks furstinnella for this great info of delicious must-eat-foods in Korea! kamsahamnida~~ ^^

  6. Hi there 🙂 Well, I have no idea about korean food, I’m more a japanese food lover. The only korean dish I have ever tried was bibimbap and it was delicious, oh! and kimchi, which taste awesome too. From the 3 dishes you posted here it will be nice to try jjangmyeon. Looks SO tasty. And yes girl, you shouldn’t browse yummy food pics at night, is no good, jeje. >.>

    • Hi too^^
      Japanese food? I love sushi!
      You should give me another recommendation for japanese food then 😀
      Tteokbokki is so yummy too, especially if you love spicy.
      Yes, my mistake to surfing bout food at night. But I guess, anytime I see those pics, I keep drooling LOL
      Anyway, thanks for drop by. Have a nice day~

  7. it’s a mistake to read this blog while i’m hungry…

    drooling ….

    yes please! share the receipt =3

  8. I don’t know why I feel it’s salty xD
    I know tteokbokki I saw it ALOT in Kdrama & movies !
    I would like to try SAMGYETANG ! It’s look Yum yum ! LOL

  9. Try samgyupsal! ♥ nichkhun’s favourite food! And it looks delicious. Ah I wanna try dubbokki!

  10. Bibimbap, kimchi stew and kimchi pancake is a must must try!!!!

  11. ALL 3 DISHES IS A MUST TRY!^^ ESPECIALLY TTEOKBOKKI!! Just needa buy the sauce & rice cake! 😀

  12. wowww its look delicious..thanks for sharing…(^_^)v its really nice to know all about korean food

  13. (˚—-̩̩˚) (˚—-̩̩˚) JJANGMYEON…. Make one for me please..

  14. Tteokbokki is a musstt.. add noodle please.. hahaha..

  15. Tteokbokki Tteokbokki ~ !! DELICIOUS xD

  16. food food.. i love korean food.. nice pic you have…
    can you make 자장면 (jjangmyeon) by yourself? it’s one of my favorite

  17. Nella go go go acha acha fighting…

  18. It all look delicious. However I didn’t test it.You are awesome hard working. Fighting!!!

  19. 와우! 삼게탕! ㅋㅋㅋ

  20. Wow!! ^^

  21. :O now i’m hungry!!! so tasty!! but i didn’t test it…yet!! 🙂

  22. SO YUMMY!!i love korean foods.그래서 맛있는 나는 그들을 모두 맛볼 수 있기를 희망한다 🙂

  23. yummyy!! i want to eat all of it 😀 especially 자장면 (jjangmyeon) and 떡볶이 (Tteokbokki) XD

  24. Neellll…. bring tteokbokki again to our office ^^
    yaa.. i do. want to try jangmyeon too ^_^, kind of black noddle..what the taste ya? last time i bought it in Lottemart and made it by myself.. but the taste was not so good T__T

    • Linaaa haha sure I will bring it again, but I can’t promise when kkk~
      Yes, the instant jjangmyeon is not that good. But heard that, the original one is much much better *nyummmm
      Heiii, do you know that today is Black Day in Korea, a day for all single people to eat jjangmyeon together LOL
      But definitely you won’t eat it since you are not single :p

  25. i have instant jajjangmyeon, but haven’t try it. hehehe..
    i would like to try tteokbokki and kimchi as well. look so tasty on screen. and i dont know the name of the food, but it kinda ramen plus another vegetable.. *drooling*

  26. Hmm. I like 삼계탕 (samgyetang) … even though I didn’t taste it yet. it looks delicious…

  27. You should trying bbimbap,bulgogi and kimchi rice and also I forgot what it’s called it’s a cold noodles that has crushed ice and ur sauce will be wasabi.. ^^

    • ahh, you remind me with the song that MBLAQ sang on hello baby.
      bulgogi, kimchi, bibimbap~

      sure will try those foods too ^^
      and cold noodles, yes, i also heard about that food.
      i’ve tried it in korean restaurant in jakarta
      the noodles is yummy, so smooth although it’s kinda weird to serve it with crushed ice XD
      but will try it too 😀

      thanks for your recommendation^^

  28. I want it them (ˆڡˆ) look like tasty !!!

  29. waaah, so tasty *~* i wanna try korean food тт з тт

    • let’s try together!

      go to korean restaurant since we still don’t have any chance to try the original one kkk~

      but sure we will go there, rite? 😀

      thanks for comment^^

  30. ddeobokki is no 1 to be taste when im in seoul…hahaha! its really good taste for indonesian.. *spicy* hahahahaa. why dont you put Gimbap for korean best dishes?? its a good snack ;9,, very easy and yummy. try to make ur gimbap at home like i did ^.^

    • ahh, actually there are more food that i want to try.
      maybe all foods that i see in korea will be tried by me kkk~

      you have try to make gimbap by yourself?
      wow, that’s great ^^

      thanks for your recommendation^^~

  31. yup those 3 must try if u in Korea 😉

  32. Ooopppaaaa……
    Hahahaa….caiiyoooooo nelce…korean gilr’s…
    Hope u will get golden ticket..

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  34. As a I was just thinking about food ;O;)/
    To tell you the truth, I don’t have the best experiences with korean food xD the ones that I tried at a korean restaurant here in my country (Peru) were awfully spicy and I ended up crying so bad with a red face and everything xD

    Buuuut~ that didn’t mean the end of it xD I’m still gonna give it another shot 😀 so~ here comes your post and it’s actually pretty useful 😀 mmm guess I’m gonna try the Jjangmyeon one, I’ve been always really curious about its taste :9

    Oh! Sorry for the long reply xD and thanks for sharing sweetie 😀

    • Hi Peru, greetings from Indonesia 😀

      Yes, Korea are so famous with their spicy taste, and I love spicy~ X)
      Jjangmyeon looks so yummy, right?
      I also curious with its taste.

      Ahh no problem, it’s good to have a long conversation with you dear 😀
      Glad if this post is useful for you, and hope you’ll have a good experience with korean food X)

      Thanks for your visit^^

  35. TTEOKBOKKI is the desh I want to tast :3

  36. I want to try eat 떡볶이 (TTEOKBOKKI)…It looks so yummy…hehe…but, I can’t eat spicy >.<
    good luck for your contest! I wish you win 😀

  37. I used to try TTEOKBOKKI but guess the original one in Korea must taste better than other country =p

  38. OH i never go Korea…..But I read articles you write about food’s korea. I feel i stay in korea. Ah………i like Nichkhun so i like 삼계탕 (SAMGYETANG). Thank for share this articles…..Ah i see pic i hungry now….ha ha ha

  39. yummy 🙂

  40. Yeaaah~ agree w/ ur opinion… 😉 I want to try all of the dishes in Korea…. It looks so tasty, isn’t it? Kkk~ aaaahh really want it!

  41. oh you have to call the noodle to jajangmyeon, not jjangmyeon!
    And i gotta recommend a korean delivery which koreans used to have in night.
    The one is fried chicken with seasoned spicy sauce. It is called as yangnyeom chicken or dakkangjeong. The sauce could be made in korea i guess. When you come to korea, you could try it visiting any beer bar.

    The second one

    • Is jokbal, boiled folk feet cooked with soy sauce and some other spicies like ginger garlic makgeoli kk. It is womens preferred night delivery food because it has a lot of collagen which make skin flexible!!

      • really???
        wow, then i must try that food!! XD
        even i don’t like ginger that much, but i think i can’t put it aside kkk~

        you seems like having a lot of experience with korean food?
        you should recommended me another food, cause i want to try it all 😀

    • ahh, thanks for your correction, dear 😀

      wow that’s look so delicious~
      i heard that korea have the best chicken taste
      *because wooyoung love chicken so much LOL
      and in Indonesia, there are some restaurants from Korea, like omo chicken and bonchon.
      the sauce is great, and spicy too

      anw, thanks for your recommendation^^

  42. I’ve never had to try all of that food! 😦 But i’m very curious for jajangmyeon, really want to tasting it 🙂
    thanks for sharing

    • find the nearest korean restaurant or korean market from your place, and order one of those foods! 😀

      glad i can share these foods with you^^
      thanks for comment too^^~

  43. ak prnh mkn 자장면 (JJANGMYEON)!! ak pnsrn ama yg nma ny Osam Bulgogi juga Japchae,,, itu makanan isi ny apa, chingu?

    • pernah makan jajangmyeon dimana say?
      osam bulgogi belum pernah coba ><

      kalo japchae, enaaakkkk! highly recommended!! XD
      sebenernya itu kaya soun goreng, isinya sayur2an dan daging sapi, tapi yang bikin enak, mie nya, kenyal2 😀
      enak kalau dimakan panas2 😀

      anw, thanks for comment yah^^

  44. wouuuw this artikel is good…also make meto go there;)

  45. Nice .. Really wish to go there someday ❤ .. Thanks

  46. haiii..such a nice post..i don’t know to much about korean food,,but i if i got chance to taste it i want to try 김밥 (kimbap)..maybe it sounds simple but i think that food really delicious..ahh,,i envy you can visit korea..i really really want to get opportunity too..:D

    • I haven’t went to korea yet ><
      But sure will, someday! 😀
      I also want to try kimbap too kkk~

      Thanks for visiting, and wish that you will get a chance to go to Korea too ^^

  47. nice post ^^ hope I can go to Korea one day ^^
    hope you win this contest, good luck 🙂

  48. food is seriously making me drool!

    –rochelle (rochelle5855 on twitter)

  49. I really wanna try bibimbap, korean people in the drama always eat it up from a big basin, seeing them mixing the spice, veggies with rice is somewhat luring my drool.. hahaha and I also wanna try eating korean bbq while drinking soju in the cold weather, must be great!

  50. oooh!! you should definetly try Korean Pancakes ❤ and of course the noodles in Korea!! ❤ The Black bean noodles are delicious ^~^

  51. Annyeong~ greetings from Choi Tae-hee, hehe! ^0^
    visiting your blog and reading it all over again is NOT a waste of time ~ REALLY!
    this is really great!!! you should share it more to a lot of people specially who loves everything in Korea, *giggles*
    You haven’t been in Korea right? but seeing how you really want to taste those foods makes me want it to send it to you right away~keke! but, don’t worry ^^ remember if your dream is a live someday it will come true, so to wrap this all up, Good Luck~ and I wish you will visit Korea very soon *wink* let’s meet then, if that happens. hehe! Bye bye~ *by0ng*

    • 안녕^^
      How should I call you? Tae Hee? Or unnie? 😀

      Thankyouuu for your compliment, I’m so appreciated it.
      There are already lots of people who loves Korea here^^
      Awww, you make me feel hungry now, I want to eat tteokpokki so bad.
      Sure, I will contact you right away when I get there, hope it will be soon 😀
      In the meantime, how do we keep in contact?^^
      Which city do you live, anyway?
      Ahh I’m so excited to have ɑ korean friend~

      • woah~ how old are you then?? i’m 16 years old, ahm 15 in western age :”> you can call me unnie if i’m older ..keke!
        you’re always welcome by the way .. i love those who appreciate the beauty of Korea ^^ just like you (^_^)
        aigoo~ you love tteokpokki that bad?? keke! for me Bossam is the best ! kyaa!
        Twitter will do dear^^ .. hehe that’s great! we’ll eat together then ^^
        i’m currently in Busan, but I have to deal with seoul for my activities ^^
        if you really want to have korean friends you must try to learn how to speak in korean so it’ll be easy ^.~

      • LOL I’m the unnie then. I’m 88 liner ㅋㅋㅋ
        I thought you are older than me cause the way you talk are so mature, and not lots of korean people can talk english as fluent as you, especially when they are still young.
        You look so smart^^

        Wow, I heard Busan is a beautiful city.
        I want to visit other city too, not only Seoul 😀

        I’m learning it by myself right now^^
        I can read hangeul little but my vocabulary and grammar are still bad.
        Maybe when we met later, I already improved it 😀

  52. I’ve ever tried only TTEOKBOKKI and JAJANGMYEON in my country, Thailand, but never for SAMGYETANG. I love Jajangmyeon very much because I don’t like spicy. I know Jajangmyeon because of 2PM. After their interview, when I had a chance to go to Korean restaurant, the first menu that came to my mind was Jajangmyoen. And I found that its taste was so good. Therefore, everytimes I go to Korean restaurant, Jajangmyoen is always my order.

    For Samgyetang, I would like to try it in Korea. Since I’m Nichkhun FC, and he ever suggested this menu once, I would like to try the original one first. He said it’s a kind of healthy food. So I think I may love this menu for sure. kk Fortunately, I plan to go to Korea this year, so I will try it for sure. ^^

    Anyway, thank you for your sharing. It’s useful. Have a good luck for ‘TOUCH KOREA TOUR’. (^0^)/

    • I love spicy so I love tteokbokki 😀
      And yes, I also watch the show when they eat jajangmyeon, makes me more curious with its taste ㅋㅋㅋ

      Awww, you are lucky! Tell me how samgyetang original taste when you already try it, okay? 😀
      When will you go there?
      Have a pleasant holiday then^^

      Good luck for you too 😀
      Thanks for already visit and comment 🙂

  53. Hello there!
    We saw your message to us on Twitter, and I’m here to share some of our favorite Korean foods.
    1. Naengmyun
    Also known as Korean iced noodles, this is a must-try in the summer.
    2. Dwenjjangook
    This is basically a stew made from varieties of vegetables, miso, sometimes tofu, and beans.
    3. Gamjjatang
    This stew is made up of mainly potatoes, varieties of vegetables, and large chunks of meat.
    4. Ugujjigook
    This stew is one of our most favorites; spicy, with delicious vegetables like spinach and others. This is something you must try.
    5. Kimchijjigye
    Kimchijjigye, obviously, is made of mainly kimchi. It is also very spicy, and sometimes contain meat, such as samgyeopsal.

    If you’d like to know more of Korean food that you’d like to try, please e-mail us at kpopinformerblog@gmail.com. We hope we helped!

    ~K-pop Informer writers

    • whooaaa, THANKYOUUU! 😀

      it helps a lot!
      i sure will try those foods when i get there especially Dwenjjangook ^^

      i will!
      will make list first what to ask kkk~

      thanks a lot!
      and thanks for visit my blog too ^^

  54. Good response in return of this issue with solid arguments
    and describing the whole thing regarding that.

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