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Hallyu Wave~

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Dunno since when, Hallyu wave became this great in Indonesia. Kdrama and Kpop.
I’ll share my experience about this Hallyu wave^^

I still remember, the first time that I started to love about Korea is Kdrama.
Endless Love. That is the first Kdrama that I watched and love. What year is that? 2002? Wow, almost ten years. That’s my junior school time ㅋㅋㅋ
All About Eve, Full House, Boys Before Flowers and other Kdrama that I can not remember after I watch it (sorry, short memory attack LOL)
Why do I love Kdrama? Besides the lack of good drama series in Indonesia (sorry to say this but it is the fact), Kdrama always have an interesting story and they not overreact it. Acting of their artist also great. And they also beautiful and handsome ♥o♥ LOL
Until now, I still love to watch Kdrama. The difference is, at that time I watched VCD. But now, I can watch it on DVD or even streaming/download it 😀
Kdrama that I currently watch is The Moon Embraces The Sun. Eps2 ^^

Watching Kdrama, sometimes makes us love the soundtrack. But at that time, I just know about the soundtrack. Not knowing much about the Kpop.
Oh yes, I remember the first Korean group that I know is HOT and GOD ㅋㅋㅋ
I know their songs from playing ɑ music machine game called Para-Para (using hand) and ….. -.-a
Sorry I forget the name of that game. Using feet with 5steps on it. Anyone know that game?
But because the lack of internet service that time, I just know little bit of their songs.
Then I start to love BoA. She is awesome at my time haha, a good singer and dancer. I starting collect everything about her but that big fans either.
Oh, and I also love Taiwanese drama and singers that time haha. Guess you know, whose era is that LOL
Then I starting busy with my activities. Don’t know much about Kpop anymore. I just know hear some news about new groups and songs.
SM Town, Fly To The Sky, DBSK, Super Junior, SS501, SNSD, Wonder Girls, then 2PM °\(^▿^)/°
I must said that I’m a HOTTEST!
Guess you already know that I’m a Hottest since I already post about their Hands Up Tour at Jakarta before ㅋㅋㅋ
Note: my bias is Kim JunSu ^^
Why 2PM? Maybeee I will post the reasons later ㅋㅋㅋ

After Kdrama and Kpop, I starting to know about Kvariety (is the words even exist?)
First Kvariety that I watched is Strong Heart. Where did I watch this show? My friends downloaded it and share with me. Thanks to you guys^^ and now I downloaded it by myself.
I guess there’s a lot of webs that sharing download link for variety shows and dramas.
My favorite is Running Man. I guess lot of you love this variety show too haha.
I watched a lot of variety shows but just some episodes. I can not follow all the episodes due to my internet connection and hard disk space.
Lucky if you have ind****on, you can watch it there every week.

From Running Man, I know a lot about Korea. Some venues attract me well. And it makes me love Korea even more. Not just the entertaining things but also the culture and country (I love Indonesia too though^^). And I promise to myself, that I will go and explore Korea! I wanna backpacker there!
And nowadays, thanks to internet and technologies, that I can update my knowledge about Korea (either it about drama, artist, singers, entertainment news or the country) through some twitter account.
@allkpop, @soompi, @koreanupdates, @koreanindo, @kshownow, @daebaksubs, @yes24indonesia
Those are the twitter account that gave me more information about Korean entertainment. Thank you founder and admin! Keep up the good work^^

Love all those korean things, must make you wanna learn korean language. Now, I’m learning korean language by myself. Reading a book, watching dramas, and through web. But yes, I’m still a beginner and just can read little bit 😦 but will try to improve it!
Anw, you can learn hangeul from @ttmik. They gave a lesson and challenge sometimes.

Well, that’s my stories about how I love Korea and as you know that Hallyu wave is in the house now ㅋㅋㅋ
Many people getting know about Korea, not just about the drama. And as you know, 2012 is the Visit Korea Year (am I say this right?)
And as Indonesian people, I do hope that we can learn from other country to became better. Take the good things and throw the bad things^^

I talk to much already ㅋㅋㅋ mian~
See you later, have a nice day guys^^


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