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Everyone might be already know or listen about 2PM. Well, I give you a little review about them 😉

2PM is a korean boy-band. They also known as a beast idol.

Kim Jun Su, Nichkhun, Ok Teacyeon, Jang Woo Young, Hwang Chan Sung, Lee Jun Ho. This 6 boys are successfully hypnotized all girls, women, boys all around the world. After being trained for few years, finally they officially formed on 04 Sept 2008, and make their debut with 10 Points out of 10. What makes them attract me well? I love their songs, their voice, their dancing, their friendship and their cute-handsome face 😀
Each of them have different characteristics and actually I love all of them! LOL ♥

Okay, about the concert. Well, this concert was held on 11.11.11. Nice date to have a great date with those 6 boys. Concert was held on JITEC, Mangga Dua Square at 8pm. Their concert was titled Hands Up Asia Tour because they just released their second album titled Hands Up.


Both of above are the stage before the concert begins!


I personally came to Jitec with my friend at 3pm. After wait for more than 5 hours (yes, the concert was delay around 20min maybe) they finally came up with HOT song! Ahh everyone was screaming and excited. LOL
I can not remember what songs came after others. I just sang along with them and jumping.I’m too excited that night.

Actually, it was a great concert. Sound effect, stage, lighting, performance: DAEBAK! (It’s a korean words for awesome) but I must tell that I dissapointed with sitting arrangements.

People just stand on their chair, leave their seat and move to the front of each class. They should make like stadium system because I can not see clearly while my seat was in row W.

I have to say that all of them was kind and interactive with fans.

Although only Khun, Taec and Junsu that can speak English, but we still can see how Junho, Chansung and Wooyoung interact with us too.

With help from their partners, it was a nice greetings.

Like other artist who came and held concert here, they also learn some Indonesian words and try to say it out loud. Funny and cute! LOL. Especially when we say “2PM! 2PM!” and they replied it with “Jakarta! Jakarta!”

Concert end around 10.30pm.  They closed their concert perfectly. Of course we ask for encore but the concert have to be end 😥

But after all, I love that night!

If you found them interesting and you just know them by reading my post, well, what are you waiting for. Go google them! It tells a lot more than I can tell 😉

And welcome, HOTTEST! 2PM JJANG!!


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