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When In Rome Movie Review

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awawaw!! my other recommended movie!! comedy-romantic-drama!

if i’m not wrong, it was the same producer with The Proposal, my other favourite comedy romantic drama. 🙂

Kristen Bell (HEROES, VERONICA MARS) stars in this comedy as a young woman with an enviable problem: she has multiple men after her heart! She takes a trip to Italy to escape New York City, and there she makes the questionable decision to take coins from a fountain of love. Soon, a number of men (played by Danny DeVito, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, and Will Arnett) are a-wooing, and she doesn’t know what to do. Making things even tougher is the presence of a journalist (Josh Duhamel), who seems to display a real affection for her.

Josh Duhamel is handsome!!!! and i must admit too that Kristen Bell is pretty either.

God, i’m envy with their love and togetherness.

back to my review, this movie was totally entertaining!!!

i laugh all the time *okay, overreact*, but it’s really funny and it makes me love Rome!!

ahhhh, i wanna go there! have a marriage there too.. LOL

Rome was totally seems great, and what a romantic city. (am i rite? oh, my geography was too bad)

but, i don’t like Beth at all. she was just so naive, and maybe remind me of myself. =p

lucky her, that Nick was there to convinced him. if he didn’t do it, well, Beth would just let her true love go.

but, this movie was totally great, readers.

watch it if you need an entertaining.. =D

ahh, i want to get the right coin from that fountain.. LOL

*hey, i just know that fountain was not the real name.

The Fontane di Amore is in reality the Tevi Fountain in Rome.

but, Josh Duhamel, i love youuuu!!!!


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