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MYMP–New Horizon

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do you know MYMP? Make Your Mama Proud.

they came from Phillipines, and they were acoustic band.

most of their song was an old song, but still a great song.

New Horizon was their latest album. if i’m not wrong, they released it in 2009/2008. but i just heard it now. =(

oh yeah, not all of their song was Phillipines. they also sang English song.

here is the New Horizon’s track list, maybe you will familiar with some songs:

  1. With You
  2. Only Reminds Me Of You (original version by Paul Peterson)
  3. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (original version by Starship)
  4. Love Stood Still
  5. You Got It All (original version by The Jets)
  6. Sa’yo Lamang
  7. Every Breath You Take (original version by The Police)
  8. Last Chance (original version by Allure)
  9. Crazy for You (original version by Madonna)
  10. Forever And a Day
  11. Ang Pag-ibig Mo
  12. So Perfect
  13. Back Home
  14. Soon It’s Christmas

if you like Love Song, you must hear their songs.

sorry, for now, i can’t upload it, cause my internet connection was sucks.

hope you can find it. =)


feel free to comment,,^^

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smaiilllllll..... ;)

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