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eBook Reader by Sony

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lately, i like read an ebook, cause novel is too expensive for me this time,,

i read it in computer or laptop,,

yeah,,it’s very tired, have to scroll and scroll again,,

can’t use bookmark either,,

but,,i still use it,,LOL

then, i read my twitter’s tweet about ebook reader,,

i remember i’ve seen it in oprah a long time agooo,,

then i google it,,i found many people adore Sony PRS 505,,

tarrrraaaaa!!! i fall in love with it,,

its price was also adorable,,

$300,, =(

same as 60 novels maybe,,LOL

see,,how this people hold it,,

so comfort, and less paper,,

i want it so bad,, ><


feel free to comment,,^^

Author: utaminel

smaiilllllll..... ;)

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